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Yesterday, both of my kids came downstairs dressed in white – a white tee for Graham, and all white for Lily. They looked like they were ready for a day on Nantucket, but all I could see were the future stains down their fronts. As I gave them morning hugs, I thought, “Dang, my kids have stinky breath,” and also “I need to make up a fresh batch of stain remover.”

I’m turning into quite the homesteader, first by growing a few vegetables, next by creating homemade centerpieces, and now I’m mixing up homemade cleaners on occasion. If my husband would let me get chickens, I’d sew myself a prairie skirt and start churning my own butter. (I really wouldn’t. I’m not motivated enough for actually difficult tasks.)

One of those homemade concoctions is this incredibly easy, super inexpensive stain remover that is only two ingredients!


This simple homemade stain remover really works! | FunnyIsFamily.com |

Check it out.

In a spray bottle, mix together one part Dawn dish soap (the old school blue kind) and two parts hydrogen peroxide. Spray on stains, and launder as usual.

That’s it, you guys. The end.

Behold, the magic of the easiest homemade stain remover ever!

I’ve used this two ingredient cleaner to spot-clean fabric upholstery, the kids’ car seats, small stains on carpets, and even grout, too. I love, love, love it.

This simple yet effective stain remover only has two ingredients! | FunnyIsFamily.com |

I should have used a colored garment for my example, but we didn’t have any good sized stains on any of our colors at the time, which just figures. Of course we don’t have any good stains when I need them. Regardless, this stain remover has given me no trouble on colored items, but you’ll want to test a spot before using it on your stuff.

The lighting had changed by the time the laundry was done, which is why the coloring is different on the example shirt. I use the stain remover on the armpits of my and my husband’s white tees, because he wears his when he mows the lawn, and I just sweat like a grown man doing manual labor even when I’m just watching television.

Sexy, no?

Usually, I mix up small batches, because if the hydrogen peroxide is exposed to light for too long, it will lose its effectiveness. Did you know that? I didn’t, until recently. That’s why hydrogen peroxide is always in those dark brown bottles. To keep the light out.

And that’s your science lesson for today.

Today’s batch was ¼ cup Dawn and ½ cup peroxide, and it was enough for eight stained garments and the grout of a small bathroom floor.


For the bathroom tile grout, I sprayed it on, left it for about 30 minutes, and wiped it away. There were some stubborn stains, since I hadn’t scrubbed the grout for an embarrassingly long time, so I took my husband’s toothbrush (KIDDING!) and attacked the spots that needed it. I then took a wet rag, and wiped everything down, since a solution made from dish soap can make a floor pretty slippery. I may have learned that lesson the hard way.

I didn’t take a picture of my bathroom floor because by the time I thought of it, it was dirty again, and I was too busy binge watching Gilmore Girls to do it again. Maybe I’ll let it get really dirty again so I can do a proper before and after picture.

See how lazy I am? By now you must realize that if I say something is easy, it must really be true. Stop spending money on stain removers! Mix up some of this two ingredient magic, and go buy yourself a coffee with the money you’ll be saving!

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