Target is for all the things. Seriously. All of them.

Target is for all the things. Seriously, all of them.

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Last month, everyone in my family contracted strep throat. Everyone but me and my incredible immune system, that is. The boys came down with it first, my husband kicking it off, and my son taking it a step further and adding a nasty rash to the mix. My five-year-old daughter was the last to wake up with a sore throat, on a Sunday morning, of course.

After a trip to the urgent care pediatrician to confirm our at-home diagnosis, it was time to fill her antibiotic prescription. Normally, we get ours filled at the on-site pharmacy at our doctor’s office, because we’re already there and meds are only $5. Being Sunday, though, the pharmacy was closed.

I dropped my sick daughter off at home with her still sick father and brother, and headed to my happy place: Target.

Even though I spend far too much time at Target, I had never used the pharmacy. Actually, that’s not completely true. On several occasions, I’ve asked the pharmacist behind the counter for advice on over-the-counter products, posing questions like “What’s the difference between these diaper rash creams?” and “Which of these items will help with my horrible poison ivy rash?” Or even, “Excuse me, where are the Dora Band-Aids?” Our family clearly has some skin issues.

I dropped off my prescription, and wondered if I should get a coffee at the in-store Starbucks, try on that dress I’d been eying, or check out the greeting cards. I chose coffee, but barely had time to drink it before it was time to pay for my girl’s antibiotics and head home.

Did you know the pharmacist can text you when your medication is ready? Or that after five prescription fills you get 5% off a whole day of shopping (in-store and online)? Did you know that JD Power ranked Target Pharmacy “Highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies?”

My husband says I spend too much money at Target. He’s crazy, of course, but at only $4 for generic brands, and the 5% back rewards program, even he has to agree that it’s time to Flip the Script.

If you are a Target shopper (and really, who isn’t?), consider switching to Target Pharmacy. You can do it online, in-store, or on their mobile device.

And now for the best part: One of you is going to win a $50 Target e-gift card! Think of all the prescriptions you can fill for $50, or maybe buy yourself or a loved one that dress I keep talking about. Answer in the comments, what are you looking forward to the most (or already do) with the Target Pharmacy, and additional entries may be unlocked after commenting. Good luck!

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34 thoughts on “Target is for all the things. Seriously. All of them.

  1. We use the Target pharmacy for our prescriptions. It’s so convenient. I get a text message letting me know that it’s filled so I don’t have to monkey around in the store, although if I’m by myself (without toddler) I don’t mind “wasting” time in the store :)

  2. Target Pharmacy also give you a cool bullseye bandaid when you get your flu shot. And every one I’ve been to has an impressive collection of stuffed dog mascots in different costumes. Not sure if that’s universal…

  3. “Wasting time” at Target??? IS there such a thing?? I was there yesterday getting some essentials like diapers, and desitin (I’ll join your family in the skin issues dept). I am going to definitely use my friendly Target pharmacist to discuss the perils of diaper rash and what kinds of creams do they recommend? Because this diaper rash will just not quit! After I get my coffee…

  4. The pharmacy staff at Target was exceptionally helpful when I needed to get some OTC items to bring in for my mom at her care center. I think I must have held the staff member’s time hostage for about 20 minutes, but she was so patient while she helped me figure out exactly what it was my mom wanted, based on the cryptic clues I had, and never once did she lose patience.

  5. I love that they will text you when your RX is ready, and I love that I can buy groceries while I wait on the RX to be filled! I LOVE TARGET!! 🙂

  6. A new Target is opening, probably sometime next year (GET HERE GET HERE) within walking distance of my place here in Hollywood. Although the one I normally go to is only 20 minutes away, I will be moving into the new one hope they like their new roommate.

  7. My friend told me her Target had cup holders on the carts that you can use for the coffee (since I can’t go in there without getting some) – I have been so jealous ever since. I like their pharmacy too!

  8. I would buy the sleeveless royal blue v-neck dress that I had to return because I realized it didn’t have the belt it was supposed to come with. When I went back the next day they were sold out!!! Ahh the humanity! I would also buy earplugs because I love the kind that they carry. I would definitely buy my Zyrtec there and I’m not ashamed to say it, but also my Xanax. So there you go. Way more info than you probably wanted!! XOXO

  9. Our Target pharmacy staff is so sweet and friendly! Plus, they helped find me the perfect probiotic and this alone made me pledge undying loyalty! Love that’s your happy place too ;)

  10. Honestly, our Target pharmacy is so busy it’s always 20-50 minutes to get the prescription. Not great when you are sick, or have a sick kid and you just want to go home. But everything else is there too….

  11. I love Target! Like I love it so much that this article makes me want to pack the kids up and drive an 1.5 hours to the closest one! My husband also thinks that I spend too much money there…. but he probably just thinks that because I tell him I have to go in there to buy diapers and come out with a cart full of good stuff! I would love this gift card and since we are moving it will come in more than handy!

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