10 Ways I Know my Kid is Ready for Kindergarten

My daughter will be entering kindergarten in the fall, a fact that boggles my mind every other minute. I don’t know what it is about watching my offspring grow. I understand how time works, and I have a decent grasp of age progression, but it still shocks me to see them reaching milestones. I’ve already come to terms with the fact that I’ll  be clutching my pearls with one hand and a fistful of tissues with the other whenever my kids reach any major crossroad in life.

My girl is five; she’s been going to preschool for two years, and she’s ready for kindergarten. I can tell she hears the siren song of loud cafeterias and questionable school bus conversations, and when I’m not crying into my coffee over the fact that she’s practically heading off to college, I’m excited for the adventures she’s going to have at school. Here are 10 signs my five-year old is up for the challenge of kindergarten.

Is your child ready for kindergarten? Here are 10 ways to tell if your kiddo is ready to take that leap!

1. She can pump her legs on the swings. Finally.

2. She’s throwing fewer tantrums recently. We’re down to like only two or three a day.

3. She’s not hollering at me from the bathroom. I’m no longer batting clean-up, is what I’m saying.

4. She writes me letters, like “I luv mom,” and I want her to go to school to learn new words to describe me, like maybe “radiant,” or “inspiring.” I don’t know, I’m just spitballing here.

5. She’s thisclose to learning all the names of her preschool classmates. You know, the same children she’s been going to school with for two years.

6. Today she packed her own lunch, and it was almost healthy, representing more than just the sugar food group. Since we’re knocking on the last day of school’s door, I know her lunch had to look better than some of the ones packed by parents who quit caring back in March. (I’m that parent.)

7. She is becoming more fearless at the park. She can climb and jump and balance without help. She’s still afraid of slides, but those things are like death traps, so who can blame her?

8. She’s pouring her own beverages. More importantly, she’s not spilling.

9. We’re out of money, and kindergarten is free.

10. She has been jonesing for a ride on the school bus for years, and come fall, her brother isn’t going to be the only lucky SOB waiting at the bus stop. Really, it’s all about the bus.

Read more about kindergarten from a real-life kindergarten teacher HERE!

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11 thoughts on “10 Ways I Know my Kid is Ready for Kindergarten

  1. She sure sounds ready! I wish we had a free but good kindergarten over here. The good ones are so ridiculously far from our house!

  2. Oh, these are adorable! My mom taught kindergarten for 37 years. She had to (sadly) add one to the list: All children must be potty trained AND off the bottle by the first day of kindergarten for them to attend. Can you believe it???
    Your girl is going to love it!

  3. Let’s hear it for REASON NUMBER 9! I don’t know about where you are, but preschool is ridiculously expensive here for the short period of time they go every day. And to get them a spot for September, you had to pay deposits and go on waiting lists in January! 🙁

    Stopping in from Bloppy Bloggers. 🙂

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