I Like Mushrooms: Knowing the difference between an opinion and an attack.

I Like Mushrooms: Knowing the difference between an opinion and an attack

I like mushrooms. You already know that because you read the title of this post, and if you are an avid reader of my Crock Pot Thursday series you know how much I love the hell out of those tasty little orbs. I like them raw, I like them sauteed, I like them cooked into recipes.

Many people hate mushrooms. My husband is one of those people, and because I love him more than I love mushrooms, I don’t eat them as much as I would like. That really has no bearing on the point I hope to make, but I like reminding him, and anyone who will listen, about the sacrifices I make for him. Hi, honey!

My husband thinks mushrooms are disgusting. His four siblings feel the same way. They scrunch up their faces in disgust when the topic of those nubs of deliciousness comes up, and they wonder why on earth anyone would want to eat fungus that comes out of the ground.

The fact that they dislike mushrooms has nothing to do with me. They don’t dislike me because I like mushrooms. I am not less worthy of love because I like mushrooms. When my husband goes on about how wrong it is to like mushrooms, I don’t take it personally. They are a fungus. They do look like tiny penises. They do have a distinct flavor, that while delicious to my super sophisticated palate, may not suit everyone.

My family members aren’t bullying me.

Opinions aren’t weapons.

People can dislike things and still be friends.

Why am I talking about mushrooms? Because if I used The Elf on the Shelf, The Duggar family, country music, gender-specific toys, Duck Dynasty, or any of the other topics that have come up recently that people love to fight about, many readers would have chosen a side after reading the title.

Whether or not to let your kids eat at McDonalds.

Whether or not shopping on Black Friday is ruining America.

Whether or not letting your kids play football is a form of child abuse.

I care what people like and don’t like. It is interesting to me to hear different opinions, to know what’s trending, or how my Facebook friends feel about current events and topics. When someone strongly dislikes, or even hates, something I like, I am curious, but very rarely offended. That is, unless you’re infringing on my rights, destroying my property, or picking on my children. That shit pisses me right off.

I truly don’t understand why people get so worked up over other people’s opinions. We all have different tastes – our cars, our clothing, the type people we choose to marry – so why is it outrageous that people make different choices in other areas, too? Do I wish everyone liked mushrooms? Sure I do, because it would mean more mushroomy foods in my life, but I’m not hating the mushroom-free set.

If you have strong opinions, you have a right to voice them. I do, too. We may not agree, but so what? You can be wrong, and still be my friend.

22 thoughts on “I Like Mushrooms: Knowing the difference between an opinion and an attack.

      1. Aaaaannnd half my comment disappeared. Neato. ANYWAY. What I said was I hope you can overlook the fact that I don’t like mushrooms. Hope we can still hang.

  1. I always have huge opinions, but I love to hear what others are thinking too! “You can be wrong and still be my friend.” Love it. Actually, I say it all the time too! πŸ™‚

  2. You can be wrong, and still be my friend. <- Amen! LOL
    Just imagine if we all think alike, talk alike, crap alike. Boring!
    ps. I hate mushrooms. πŸ˜‰

  3. I read something very disappointing yesterday that made me think exactly this. Now that I think about it, I probably read something EVERY day that makes me think exactly this. *Sigh*

  4. Love this! People get worked up about a lot of ridiculous things. And I love mushrooms too by the way! But unfortunately for me, two of my children and my husband hate them. So mushrooms have become a treat that I cook for my youngest (yes, like a super special treat), that he very begrudgingly then shares with me.

    1. A house divided, mushroom style. If I had even one family member on my side, there would be more mushrooms in my cooking. Alas, my husband has tainted my kids with his wacky mushroom views.

  5. Yesss!! AND, just like tastes, opinions can change, too! I used to hate mushrooms, and now I love them. Same way I used to be adamant about certain political issues, but I LISTENED to others’ opinions, practiced a hell of a lot of empathy, and eventually came around to a different way of thinking (for the better, Imo).

    1. That is such a good point! Thinking differently is sometimes hard, but can be so worthwhile. Now if I could get my husband to see mushrooms my way…

  6. I wish this was required reading before people could get online. It’s so tiresome stating a simple thought and having everyone tell you it’s WRONG.

    Also, if loving mushrooms is wrong I don’t want to be right.

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