Why I Love Mornings

Both of my babies were great sleepers. I couldn’t help but brag about them sleeping through the night at four months and two months respectively, their years of long naps, and the cribs that actually got used. My kids were gold medal dozers, and I couldn’t help but take credit for their skillful snoozing. Sleeping’s one of my favorite things, so they must have gotten this gift from me.

I did not want to share my bed with my kids when they were babies or toddlers. They were loud breathers, they rolled around, and my husband was always afraid he would smash them. Co-sleeping sounded like a way to ruin a good night’s sleep, rather than quality family time.

It surprises me, now, how I am perfectly content with those little bodies sneaking into our bed regularly. We are slippery-sloping into a family bed, and no one seems to mind. Early mornings find us with extra bodies wiggling for blankets, and it’s a wonderful way to start the day.

I am a morning person. I love that first cup of coffee, with its warm energy filling me up, I love the quiet promise of a fresh new day, and I love that my husband and I have to scooch over to make room for one or both of our children before the sun rises.

Come read me at Mamalode, as I share one of those mornings. Bring your coffee!

 Things That Go Bump in the Morning from @FunnyIsFamily at @Mamalode

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