My Top Tweets of 2013

You guys know how crazy I am about Twitter, right? I don’t only love Twitter because I was named one of MashabIe’s 17 Funny Moms, or because my tweets have been recognized by NickMom and The Huffington Post (yes, I’m bragging), I love it because I can see all of the content from those I follow, and I am notified every time I’m mentioned.The jokes are smart, the messages are concise, and celebrities and companies are easily accessible on Twitter.

Twitter is my favorite social media site, followed closely by Pinterest. Today, I’m mashing up my two favorite sites by sharing my most popular tweets of 2013 in nice, colorful graphics, because like a pot-bellied former high school football star, I like remembering the glory days. Ah, 2013…you will be missed.

My kids are having fun in that "Someone's going to the ER" kind of way.Five year old found some of his art in the trash, so today I'll be out buying a pony.LOL, cookie dough in my house that expects to become a cookie.5 year old made himself a sandwich of Ritz, applesauce, and cottage cheese on bread; so tonight I'll be searching his room for weed.

Yesterday I cleaned my house...

Follow me on Pinterest HERE for my favorite recipes, the blogs I read, the crafts I might do, DIY stuff I’ll actually try, things I’ll never do, kitchens that make me weep with envy, and to see my attempt to wear clothing that isn’t just yoga pants. Really, so much stuff is happening on Pinterest, I could go on and on, but you should probably go see for yourself.

If you just want to read jokes from both the funny people I retweet and myself, follow me on Twitter HERE!

12 thoughts on “My Top Tweets of 2013

  1. I don’t really understand Pinterest and I haven’t been on Twitter in ages, but these are hilarious! I especially liked the one about buying the pony….

    1. I make a double batch with the intention of freezing half to bake later. Neither batches get baked. One batch just gets eaten frozen.

    1. Then you are doing that dough a favor by eating it and not burning it. It’s a noble cause, cookie dough eating.

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