BlogU: Get Schooled (Without Gaining the Freshman Fifteen)

When I began blogging, I had no idea how much it would entail. I lovingly stalked my favorite bloggers on Facebook and Twitter, so I knew it was more work than just writing, but damn. I Googled 4 million questions in that first year, but I only really began grasping the important topics after connecting with other bloggers. Those women with more experience than I had taught me things I didn’t even know I didn’t know and needed to know. You know? They did it generously and with kindness, and I knew I had found my tribe. These women have had everything to do with my success, which is one of the reasons I hug them inappropriately and smell their hair when I meet them in person.

The things I learned from my tribe could fill a book. Or a conference. And now it does!

If you are interested growing your blog, learning about getting published, connecting with other bloggers, or improving your writing, The Blog University Conference is the place to be. Join me, along with a powerhouse lineup of successful bloggers, in Baltimore, MD on June 6-8, for a full weekend of networking and knowledge dropping.

BlogU isn’t your ordinary conference. For starters, it’s affordable. It is intimate. It is run by women who are bloggers, and mothers, and social media wizards, and published authors. “Office hours” are scheduled for you to speak with your favorite bloggers and presenters. We will be staying in dorms, and in my experience, dorms offer a 100% guarantee of a good time, but since we’ll only be there for the weekend, there is no concern of bringing home the standard freshman fifteen.

We are successful when we are united. Join your favorite bloggers at Notre Dame of Maryland University to learn, grow, connect, and get schooled.

Registration is happening now, and I hope to see you there! I promise not to smell your hair for too long.

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