Snow Day: A Mom’s How-To Guide

Snow Day

  1. Sleep in. Hahaha, no. Your kids will be up nice and early today.
  2. Make breakfast. Maybe something fancy like waffles, because you’ve got time. And because, waffles.
  3. Throw some Bailey’s in your coffee. You aren’t going anywhere.
  4. I know your kids are annoying you already, but don’t turn on the TV yet. You’ll need that later, and it’s going to be a long day.
  5. Ask your kids if they want to go outside and play in the snow. Convince the 50% of your children who would rather stay in to come out for a little bit. Lie and tell them it will be fun.
  6. Take 573 minutes finding matching gloves and wrangling children into snow gear.
  7. Go outside for 573 seconds.
  8. Don’t forget to bring the dog out with you. He loves the snow, and you’ll love the way your house will smell like wet dog for the rest of the day.
  9. Come back inside to help one child wiggle out of their gear to go potty. Pray they don’t pee on their only pair of snow pants.
  10. Since you’re inside, refill your coffee and Bailey’s. It will help keep you warm.
  11. Go back outside.
  12. Come back in with another child who has forgotten, despite many reminders, to ensure the elastic ankle part of the snow pant is secured outside the boot, and who now has a boot full of snow.
  13. Watch that child walk past the towel spread out in the doorway, and dump the boot snow onto the living room floor.
  14. Watch out the window as the remaining outside child eats some off-colored snow, and yell at them to come in, because that’s enough fun thankyouverymuch. Besides, the snow on the carpet has dissolved, and the living room is ready for another dose.
  15. Give your dog extra love for being the only family member to actually stand on the towel to be dried off. He’s always been your favorite.
  16. Make the hot chocolate you bribed your kids with to go outside in the first place.
  17. Clean up the spilled hot chocolate with the barely used snow towel.
  18. Toss something in the Crock Pot. Dinner? Done.
  19. Good news! You have time to fold those three baskets of laundry you’ve been avoiding!
  20. LOL, just kidding. Hand the kids the iPad, grab your Snuggie and that book you’ve been trying to finish for two months. It’s a snow day!

16 thoughts on “Snow Day: A Mom’s How-To Guide

  1. Loved the quote! Actually your whole post cracked me up. I like snow days. Sometimes. Today was not a good one though. I overslept after the school cancellation phone call woke me up at 5:30 am and only woke back up because the dogs were barking at something, probably the snow. Wouldn’t have been a big deal except the one child who goes to private school had to go to school anyway and had a final this morning. He also overslept. He was late. Ugh.

  2. You have so perfectly described a snow day! LOVE IT! And seriously, between the wet carpet and the wet clothes strewn all over the once dry area of carpet, it is a nightmare. And yet, kind of fun. But really, a nightmare.-Ashley

    1. Social media is an important component to snow days. How else would I know it was snowing without all of the Facebook pics?

  3. We lived in Utah for 5 years and got exactly ZERO snow days. Those people don’t shut ‘er down – not even for a blizzard. And now that we live in central CA, my chances for a snow day are zero. I feel cheated.

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