The Reason I Became a Mom

People decide to be procreate for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to get the future grandparents off your back, and sometimes it’s because a couple need something new to fight about, and who the kids look/act like is a fun battle that can go on for years.

Some pregnancies are unplanned, but the promise of years of goldfish-shaped carbohydrates and prehistoric reptile-shaped chicken nuggets turns that jarring surprise into hopeful enthusiasm. The elastic waistbands are just a nice surprise.

Whether it be for tax purposes or just to have someone around to feed the dog, most people don’t regret reproducing.

Personally, I  wanted to see if I could make kids with foreheads as huge as mine (yes) and if I would be as funny as my dad (nope), but the main reason I had kids was for the lemon face.

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12 thoughts on “The Reason I Became a Mom

    1. I can scrunch my gigantic forehead up with the best of them. That particular skill explains the number of wrinkles I already own!

    1. I just went through my spam folder looking for your first comment. Don’t ever go through your spam folder. *shudder*

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