Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 10/5/13

Sometimes a weekly recap is really more like a “Oh, you’re still doing these?” wrap-up. I would call them a monthly wrap-up, but a “once every three weeks or so but sometimes more and sometimes less” wrap-up would be more accurate. I am nothing if consistently inconsistent. This week, though, I have some important things to share with you. There are lots of links in this post, but the most important stuff is at the end, so thank you for powering through all of it!

Just Add WaterWe’ve made a few tasty Crock Pot Thursday recipes since my last wrap-up: Bacon Ranch Chicken, Tex-Mex Chicken, and a Cuban Sandwich that rocked my world. I sure do love a sandwich.

We took the kids hiking, and no one died, despite the kids’ best efforts.

I shared how family vacations used to go down when I was a kid. It involved some whining from my brother and me, and some clever lies from my dad. Good times!

I was soooo excited to have a post at In The Powder Room. I love that site, and have never once read anything from those funny ladies that I didn’t enjoy. Go read how my husband and I sneak our sexy time now that we aren’t the only ones living in our house.

I am afraid of spiders and I don’t like school busses. Random, I know. I’m at Families In the Loop sharing how hiding these phobias from the kids has made me dislike busses and spiders less.

There are a few hours left in the Biggest Fall Giveaway Ever. Nine books, an $175 Amazon gift card, and a bunch of other super cool prizes are on the line. This is a multi-blog giveaway, and I would be thrilled if one of you won it!

My friend Sarah from The Sadder But Wiser Girl allowed me to guest post this week, and one of her readers suggested I write a children’s book based on my post. So pretty much, I love Sarah’s fans. Come read me pretending to be a motivational speaker.

I am terribly excited to be hosting a local event for the I Just Want to Pee Alone National Night Out, and if you are in Connecticut, I would love it if you would join me for a drink and a laugh. It will be fun, loud, and very, very casual. Click the image to see the event page, and please invite anyone else you think would like to come! If you are are somewhere else in the country, check the other listed events for one near you!


And now, a call to action. AVERYday Ministries, a group honoring the life of Avery McCarthy, who died in a car accident last October, has put together an exciting challenge. For the 19 days that separate Avery’s date of birth (10/05/01) and date of death (10/24/2012), be part of the greatest kindness and compassion campaign on the internet. One random act of kindness every day for 19 days. Follow the goodness on the The 19 Days Facebook page.

I have the perfect first act of kindness for you. Last month, Kelly of DeBie Hive shared the guest post of an anonymous woman who was suffering from domestic abuse. This woman is now fighting an ugly custody battle with her abuser, and is at a very real risk of losing her children. She needs money to pay her lawyer, and she needs it by MONDAY. $1000 is the sum she is short, and she won’t be able to scrape it up without our help. You don’t know Anonymous, but I’ll bet you know a woman who is like her. A woman who hid her bruises, who lied to protect the man who was beating her. Anonymous is making changes for her children, and they are now in a safe place. Please consider making a small donation to help keep them that way. CLICK HERE to see how you can help. Please.

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  1. You are so prolific with your great blog! I need to get on the ball, but I think you’ve set the bar too high for me! Not to worry- the bar is too high for me in lots of areas…

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