Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 10/20/13

Just Add Water Things I Wrote

Ours is the only doorstep in the neighborhood that is currently pumpkin-free, and while that situation needs to be rectified, I don’t know if a trip to the pumpkin patch is necessary. In fact, I may be the only person who doesn’t look forward to the annual schlepping of overpriced gourds. CLICK HERE to read about last year’s outing.

We’ve got a year of Crock Pot Thursday recipes in the books, and we finally did a copycat recipe. Olive Garden pasta e fagioli is a favorite, and this recipe is a great substitute. If we could get the salad and breadsticks, it would be perfect. CLICK HERE to get some fake Olive Garden soup in your belly.

Since you all have been trusting my slow cooker recipes for a year now, I feel like I need to confess something. I haven’t always been a bad ass mo fo in the kitchen. CLICK HERE to read how I got e coli on the ceiling of my college apartment, and why my roommate stopped letting me borrow her tools.

Things I Loved

Bethany from Bad Parenting Moments is one of my very favorite writers. She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me say, “YES! Me, too!” This week, her storytelling generated all of those responses, and also made me want to vomit a little bit. Go read “Imagine the world’s largest litter box.” to see what I’m talking about. It will make you feel better about your messy week. Trust.

Sometimes your level of awesome is directly related to how many internet commenters hate you. The women in this video are incredible, so of course they have haters. Here, they read some of their worst comments, proving people hate them plenty, which makes me love them even more. Keep your eye on Brenna from Suburban Snapshots for future Youtube videos. I have a feeling she’s just getting started.

The First Annual I Just Want to Pee Alone Day was a hit! Ladies’ Nights Out across the US brought fun women together on Wednesday night, and I had an outstanding time with my local friends and bloggers. What happens at #FAIJWTPAD stays at #FAIJWTPAD, but without giving too much away, I can say this: there was karaoke, and some people may or may not have butchered a Bare Naked Ladies song, there may or may not have been line dancing, and there may or may not have been shots. Also an Elvis-type fellow in denim on denim with a bedazzled rhinestone belt and hips that wouldn’t stop. It was fun, our server Felicia kicked some serious ass keeping us from getting thirsty or hungry, and I think my life needs more ladies’ nights out. See some of the pictures on Instagram.

Have you met my friends Julie at Fabulous Blogging and Meredith at From Meredith to Mommy? I had the best time laughing and chatting with them at our event, and I truly love it when I get to meet the women who live in my computer. Go check them out, and tell them next time they have to stay for karaoke.


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  1. I am going through all your posts I’ve missed somehow due to blogger dropping you from my feed, and so I appreciate this recap! Gosh, I’m still in kind of a shock that I’ve missed so many…

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