What You Didn’t Hear At Kindergarten Orientation

 My friend Meredith from Does This Match? is one of the funniest people I know, so it’s no surprise that her five-year-old is hilarious, too. They have conversations that go like this:

S: “How did I pick my birthday March 11?”
Mere: “It was just the right day for you to be born.”
S: “Ohhhhhh…..so my birthday is the same as the day I was born. I get it now.”

And this:

Mere: “Someone left their Barbie scooter and Barbie helmet outside last night.”
S: “I think it was Dad.”

Today Meredith tackles a topic that is on many parents’ minds. Kindergarten.

Sifting through back to school ads and catalogs has increased the anticipation for kindergarten around here. I still can’t believe it is almost time. It seems like just yesterday that I was putting away my 1/2 (never to be) finished preschool scrapbook and cataloging (recycling) the take home craft projects. Before I know it the yellow bus will be pulling up to the house and heading off to the big school. Of course this means I need to give my own kindergarten orientation. You know, just a couple things not covered in the parent-teacher meet and greet.

Good luck at kindergarten, S! You’ll be great!

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