Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 7/21/13

Things I Wrote
I shared my tips for flying with kids in a three-part series. This is a topic I could go on and on about, and so I did. Check out my thoughts on flying with babies HERE, toddlers HERE, and preschoolers and older HERE. That’s where my expertise ends for now. I guess from here on out the advice would be: Hand them an iPad. The end.

We made Slow Cooker Lasagna for Crock Pot Thursday, and the kids loved it. I would have, too, but I over-cooked the noodles. Don’t let my mistake keep you from trying this Betty Crocker recipe. Get it HERE.

I am a new contributor to Families in the Loop, and my inaugural post is up! Check out my thoughts on kids and chores HERE.

I guest posted on Confessions of my Fat Pants with an older piece about my fitness and weight loss goals. I guess I need to re-recommit to my plan, because oops. Read it HERE.

I had my second post published on The Huffington Post. See it HERE.

Things I Loved
The Science of Parenthood cracked me up with a story of an unbelievable play date. It made me truly thankful that I like the moms of my kids’ friends. Read it HERE.

Kim Bongiorno got poetic about her razor over at In The Powder Room. Read her wacky ode HERE. Did you know that not only is Kim a co-collaborator of I Just Want to Pee Alone, she has published her own collection of short stories? Part of My World: Short Stories is a great read, and right now Kim is running a contest at GoodReads for a chance to win one of four autographed copies. Enter HERE.

I was honored to be named on NickMom’s Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week list. See the list HERE.

If you are a blogger, you know that the BlogHer ’13 is happening next weekend in Chicago. Everyone will be there. Everyone but me. And a few other people. If you also will be missing the biggest blogging event of the year, don’t fret. Join the HomeCon ’13 Twitter party hosted by Jen from Something Clever 2.0 and Sarah from The Sadder but Wiser Girl. Hop on Twitter on Friday night from 10 pm-12 am, EST. Use the hashtag #HomeCon13 and join the fun!

Things I Said on Facebook

Funny Is Family4 days ago

We have kids convinced ketchup is made by a factory full of people chewing up tomatoes and spitting them into bottles. Haha. Kids are dumb. Powered by socialditto  46 likes ·  2 comments

Funny Is Family3 days ago

Naptime is over. I know because my kids just woke me up. Powered by socialditto  40 likes ·  0 comments

Funny Is Family1 day ago

I feel most connected to my husband when we’re annoying our kids together. Powered by socialditto  69 likes ·  4 comments

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