Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 7/14/13

Things I Wrote
I used to do things. Now I have kids. Read what I mean HERE.

Our Crock Pot Thursday recipe came from my hilarious friend Meredith at Does This Match? It was simple and tasty, and the kids loved it. Get that Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot Casserole HERE.

It’s hard making friends when your mom’s up your ass all the time. I offer some tips on playground success HERE.

Things I Loved
Allison from Motherhood, WTF? conducted a scientific experiment involving her messy house and her even messier children. See her funny and depressing findings HERE.

The Bloggess had me rolling with this recap of a Twitter conversation. I was laughing so hard, my kids were concerned. Read it HERE.

Vikki from Laugh Lines offers a great list of helpful tips on blogging. I loved it, and it would have been particularly helpful when I was a beginning blogger. Read it HERE.

This weekly wrap-up was in the bag when I read Keesha from Mom’s New Stage discuss her thoughts on the Trayvon Martin verdict. My heart hurts for my friend as she ponders how to discuss race relations with her young boy, and wonders how to keep him safe in a world that will be immediately wary of him because of the color of his skin. Read her moving post HERE.

Something So Cool It Needs Its Own Category

Remember that post I wrote on Monday? It got picked up by The Huffington Post and was the lead story on the Parents page! While I’m writing this, my post is on the front page of The Huffington Post. Way far down, but still. All of the support and congratulatory messages from you guys made my heart so full. Thank you for commenting, sharing, and sending me beer. Actually, none of the beer has arrived yet, but I’m sure some is coming.

Now, everyone knows that HuffPo commenters can be brutal. My post was fairly mild, so the comments haven’t been scathing, but many haven’t been kind. I so appreciate those of you who left positive comments on that post, because to us bloggers, comments are gold, especially supportive comments.

The picture of my boy and me on the beach that accompanies the piece was taken by my friend Julie. She is a talented photographer, and this particular picture was just a quick snap of the camera on her phone. Check out her work at her page Sweet Lu Photography.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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