To My Best Girl, On Your Fourth Birthday

Dearest Lily,

First off, I want to apologize to you for not writing this letter last week on your birthday. The fact of the matter is I only have so much organizational ability in me, and I used my timely birthday message reserves on your brother’s letter earlier this month. As you already know, I was woefully negligent in getting birthday and Mother’s Day cards delivered on time in the month of May, and you and your brother are the ones who received their cards on time. That is because I love you the most. Also, I didn’t have to mail yours because you live in my house.

You, my dear, are my very favorite girl in the whole world. I love you for countless big and small reasons, and in this past year the list of things I like about you has grown. You are well-spoken and clever, and a true beauty with your long curls and dazzling smile. I have enjoyed watching you forge preschool friendships, learn to somersault, and write your name this year, and I look forward to seeing the exciting things you learn as a four year old.

Here are some other reasons I love you, in pictures.

Thank you for bringing your special brand of exuberance and wit to my life. Despite your love of princesses and all things pink, you are still the coolest chick I know. I am particularly impressed with the way you strolled up to that group of ten year old girls at the park yesterday. That type of behavior suggests you are already more bad ass than I am. You continue to surprise me, you make me laugh, and you are a fantastic snuggler. I am blessed to spend my days with you. 
Happy birthday, sweet girl. May your fours be filled with all of the things you love, and may you continue to go through life with enthusiasm, confidence, and joy.
Love always,

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