Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 6/9/13

Things I Wrote

THIS letter to my daughter on her fourth birthday, where I shared some of my favorite things about her, in pictures.

My husband and I flip our kids shit on the regular, and they are both pretty good at recognizing when we are teasing them. This does not stop my son from believing every tall tale his kindergarten classmates tell him. It is ridiculous and adorable. Read it HERE.

Crock Pot Thursday was Garam Masala Chicken Stew, and it was bomb. You may not want to make it this week if it’s all summery where you are, but you should pin it, and make it on a cooler day. Nom.

Places I Hung Out

The back half of this week, I was all over the place.
On Thursday I was at Rants from Mommyland with my 20 Things I Learned in College post. If Lydia sent you here, welcome, and I hope you stick around! *waves furiously*

On Friday, Stephanie from When Crazy Meets Exhaustion shared my Group Poop story. I’ve been excited for my turn to overshare on her popular series, and I’m glad so many of you think poop is as funny as I do.

On Friday night, I was in Boonton, NJ for a book signing at Bobby’s News and Gifts with three of my I Just Want to Pee Alone co-authors. Even though the rain was unrelenting, we had a great time, and I was thrilled to spend a few hours with Nicole Leigh Shaw from Ninja Mom Blog, Amy Bozza from My Real Life, and  Kim Bongiorno from Let Me Start By Saying. Kim did a lovely recap of the night, which you can read HERE.

On Saturday I made the Huffington Post This Week’s Best Parenting Tweets.

Things I Loved

These blog tips and suggestions from Something Clever 2.0.

This horrifying story from People I Want to Punch in the Throat. I didn’t actually love it, I hated it. Read it, and you’ll know what I mean.

Anyone that says having a child was the best thing to ever happen to them obviously never had 2 snickers fall out of a vending machine

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