Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 6/16/13

Things I Wrote
It was a heavy dad focus around here this week. On Tuesday I wrote about my own father, and shared what an amazing man he was. I’ll miss him on Father’s Day, but I miss him more when I hear his favorite music, or remember a funny story. Read about my memories HERE.

My brother-in-law, Matthew, makes me laugh regularly, and since he’s an award-winning reporter, I convinced him to write something for me to share with you guys. He shared his observations on the first year of fatherhood HERE.

We made these Buffalo Chicken Sliders for Crock Pot Thursday. You’re going to want to try this, but make sure you have something else for the kids to eat. These little sandwiches are spicy.

My friend Mackenzie at Raising Wild Things is moving this week, and not only did she hook me up with some air conditioners, she let me talk about How My Daughter Changed My Body Image on her page. Go read it while I enjoy the cool air of my new AC. Thanks, Mackenzie!

Things I Loved
The lovely ladies at The Dose of Reality remind us that childhood hunger is especially dire in the summer, when school is out, and the free and reduced meals many children rely on aren’t available. Read about it HERE and watch the one minute video. Each view the video receives equals one meal donated. So easy, and totally free.

Ellen from Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms puts the smackdown on those who judge moms for not cherishing their kids properly. Read her thoughtful response to that ridiculousness HERE.

Science of Parenthood cracked me up by comparing being a parent to being a scientist. See it HERE.

Things I Said That Facebook Probably Didn’t Show You

Who’s your daddy? Wish him a happy Father’s Day!

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