Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 4/28/13

Last week saw sunshine, play dates, and a birthday party. T-ball started, and even though Graham was down for two days with a stomach bug we still packed in plenty of fun. Two sick days makes for an obscene amount of Harry Potter reading and Lego creating.
He’s so cute I could gobble him whole.
We have LOTS of hoodies. Pigtails work, too.

Things I Wrote

I was as excited as any parent when my children reached major milestones, but I was disappointed to find out those milestones come with problems of their own. See what I mean HERE.

I recently traveled without my kids, and I talk about it at My Life and Kids. Read it HERE. Anna’s new site is so pretty, and so is she! One really shouldn’t be allowed to be that funny and gorgeous.

We made Beef Stroganoff for Crock Pot Thursday. Most of us, anyway. One member went rogue, and made her own version, and now she’s on probation. Get the recipe and read about the drama HERE.

I wondered what it would look like to take reverse psychology to the extreme. Read it HERE.

Things I Loved

I love Kim from Let Me Start By Saying, and I love Mindy Kaling, so you would think I would love Kim writing an open letter to Mindy. I didn’t. I got jealous. Oh, fine. I kind of loved it. Read her letter HERE.

Dani from Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine is working on a better blog-life balance, and her plan really resonated with me. You may have noticed I’m not posting as frequently as I used to, and I’m looking at blogging more as a marathon than a sprint. I wish I would have been able to hear this advice as a new blogger.

Johi from Confessions of a Cornfed Girl interviewed me for her TMI Friday series. We discussed small-town etiquette, and I told her what one thing would make me leave my husband. Don’t miss the awesome comments that talk about how cute I am.

Meredith from The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears always makes me laugh, but this breakdown of marriage advice really tickled my funny bone. Lawd that girl is funny!

I swear, some weeks there is so much funny stuff out there that just want to stop writing so I can read all day long. I’m even reading a real book right now. It’s not funny, but it’s amazing. The Twelve, by Justin Cronin is the second book in the Passage trilogy, and it is dark, and thoughtful, and complex. If my writing gets all post-apocalyptic and vampirey, you’ll know why.

Things That Happened on Facebook

Did you guys see that I have fancy new buttons below my posts? Go look, I’ll wait. If you were ever like, “I would totally hit the Facebook like button now that I’ve read this, but I don’t want to go all the way back to Facebook to do it,” now you don’t have to! You can like it right here! Go ahead, give it a try. Are you a Google+ user? Me, too (kind of). There’s a button for you, too! Whatever your flavor of social media, there is a button for you. And as always, I am so grateful for every like, share, and comment that I receive. I love to write, but I also love to be read. So, thank you for taking the time to read my words.

Now go enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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