Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 4/21/13

Last week was kind of suck-tastic. Monday was the shocking Boston Marathon tragedy, Wednesday was the horrific Texas plant explosion, and late Thursday night began the manhunt that shut down Boston until Friday evening, terrifying an entire metro area and confining people to their homes. All of these terrible events made the fact that my kids were sick seem like such a petty inconvenience.  We are coming off of what I originally thought was the lamest spring break in history, but now I realize it was a weeklong cuddlefest. I’ll take it, and be thankful.

Things I Wrote
The Doctor’s sister and her husband took our five year old to the comic book store several months ago. I just saw the pictures of that excursion, and heard about the things he was interested in. To my surprise, superheros weren’t at the top of his list. Click HERE to see what caught his eye, and to see the list of recommended comic books for early readers.

I like my hair, but sometimes it’s a pain in my ass. Not unlike my children. Click HERE to see other ways my hair is like having another kid.

For Crock Pot Thursday, we made Beef and Broccoli. I tripled the recipe because I love me some Beef and Broccoli, and we gobbled it all up. Click HERE to see what the other Crock Pot Thursday members thought of this one.

On Friday, my post 10 Reasons Being a Kid Sucks was featured at Scary Mommy. I am so proud to have the Scary Mommy badge over there on the right, and was thrilled to be working with Jill, because I’m a huge fan.

Things I Loved
Suburban Snapshots perfectly described the kind of relationship that I have, and the kind of love that I want for my children. Brenna’s words always resonate with me, but I particularly adored her take on what it really means to find “the one”.

Hollow Tree Ventures was In The Powder Room wondering if we’re still doing Mommy Wars. Robyn has a wonderful way of speaking the truth with humor, and I love the way she makes me laugh while making me think.

This ad campaign from Dove brought tears to my eyes. Oh, girls.

And this spoof of the Dove ad campaign cracked me up. Oh, boys.

Things That Happened on Facebook

My kids have a blanket they put down before playing with their Legos. We’re going to need a bigger Lego blanket.
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