Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 4/14/13

I had a busy and exciting back half of last week. On Thursday, I left my husband and kids at home and flew west to spend one day with my side of the family and see my best friend and her new baby, and then hopped another plane to spend two days with my in-laws celebrating my sister-in-law Kim’s baby shower. My presence, as well as the presence of two other out of state sisters-in-law was a surprise to Kim, so I couldn’t talk about my upcoming trip here or on Facebook. She would have been all over that information, and I would have been in such big trouble for ruining the surprise. If I know anything, it’s to not piss off the women in my husband’s family when it comes to baby showers.

It was pretty crazy to see so many of my family members in a very quick trip, and was even crazier to be away from my husband and kids for that long. While four days is a long time to leave my kids (if I’m not somewhere like Vegas), I loved the time I was able to devote to my loved ones since I didn’t need to focus so much of my attention on my kids. It was fun surprising Kim at her shower, but it was hard keeping the secret because I usually share so much of myself on this blog and on Facebook and Twitter. Turns out, I tipped her off by being too quiet last week. That Kim is too smart for her own good. The shower was beautiful, and I’ll be blogging about it sometime soon!

Things I Wrote
On Monday I looked back on The Time I Got Told Off By A Stripper. I didn’t have a snappy retort. I say I held my tongue because it’s mean to insult a woman when she’s naked, but really it’s because I was too shocked to come up with anything. Shameful, I know.

Tuesday was a sweet story about A Day With A Friend. I also talk about the difficulty in finding a good housekeeper. You get what you pay for!

I spent Wednesday at the new blog I Just Want to Pee Alone sharing an older post that is really a love letter to my friends. Ladies, I Get You.

For Crock Pot Thursday we knocked out some easy and tasty Creamy Ranch Pork Chops.

Things I Loved
If Men Were on Pinterest by I like beer and babies.
Why My Husband Won’t Take Our Kids into Public Bathrooms by Rants from Mommyland.

Things That Happened on Facebook

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