A Day With A Friend

I was excited from the moment I woke up. I was spending the morning with a good friend; we hadn’t gotten together for quite some time, and I couldn’t wait to catch up. Sometimes spending time with a girlfriend is just the thing I need to lighten my mood and put a bounce back in my step. The day was supposed to be beautiful, and I was thankful because I had been dying to wear my new strappy sandals and show off my freshly painted toes.

I thought back to the last time we had gotten together. It was super fun, but there were a few tears. For this get together, I was hoping for the fun without the drama. I’ll admit, some of it was my fault. I can get jealous and selfish. My friend has nice things and beautiful babies, and while I love my life, the grass is always greener, right? I vowed to be more thoughtful with my words, and stay away from known issues. This time would be different.

We planned to meet up in the morning, hang out a bit, and maybe take the babies out for a walk. The strollers were ready for a spring excursion, and our children loved to be outside. We both really enjoyed gardening, and the flower beds could use some attention. We would probably end up digging in the dirt while the babies watched. I had some of our favorite snacks on hand, and some hilarious stories to share.

That morning, I had important tasks to attend to, and my housekeeper was busy picking up the messes I can’t help but leave throughout the house. I am very busy, and I honestly don’t know how people manage without domestic help. When I saw my guest arrive, and the living room rug still needed to be vacuumed,  I thought for the hundredth time, how I’m sure I could find someone better than my housekeeper, but not for the same value. Oh, well. We had a good relationship, and I’d grown quite fond of her over the years.

I announced my friend’s arrival so my girl could get to the door and open it in the way I’d trained her to. My friend came in, and my girl took her coat and welcomed her warmly. I smiled. My friend seemed as excited as I was, and she didn’t appear to be holding a grudge from our last encounter.

I told my girl what I had in mind for lunch, and my friend and I began chatting excitedly, as only good friends can. I knew it was going to be a great play date, as long as my friend didn’t expect to play with my new Strawberry Shortcake doll the whole time. I mean, I’d share, but not forever. I wondered, would Mom let us have some leftover Easter candy before lunch? And did she expect to vacuum in the middle of my play date? Whatever. I couldn’t be bothered with her tasks. Those dress-up clothes weren’t going to put themselves on!

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