A Day at the Mall as Mom of the Year

You guys know my friend Meredith, right? Over at The Mom of the Year? She has this amazing series where she highlights the everyday things we do as moms that make us Moms of the Year, and she was kind enough to allow me to guest post today!
We all feel like we aren’t doing enough for our kids. For our families. We often focus so much on our shortcomings, that we don’t step back and see the amazing jobs we are doing. You’ll hear mothers commenting on how great their husbands and kids are, but rarely do you hear a mother say, “I’m proud of myself. I’m a wonderful mother.” Meredith gives us a place to do this, and we get a pretty trophy to boot!
The title of Meredith’s blog is both serious and tongue in cheek. She slaps that title on herself when everything (or sometimes just that one perfect thing) goes right, and she’s winning at motherhood. She also uses it when everything goes wrong, or she drops the ball big time. This is the situation where I am more comfortable asking for an award. When I am failing, and when I’m obviously being sarcastic. But in the story I’m sharing today, I am winning.

Head over and read about A Day at the Mall When I Was Mom of the Year. Stick around and read Meredith’s blog. She is funny and poignant, and her essay in our book I Just Want to Pee Alone was my favorite in a pile of hilarious essays.

Thank you, Meredith, for this lovely trophy, and for letting me spend some time with your readers! 

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