10 Ways My Hair Is Like Another Kid

I have difficult hair. It is thick and heavy, and just wavy enough to cause problems. I have been wrestling with my hair for as long as I can remember, either forcing it to lay straight, or twisting it into a horrifying perm. I spent far too much time teasing my bangs into a ridiculous peacock, scoffing at my dad when he told me how dumb it looked. What do parents know about fashion anyway? He said my tight-rolled jeans looked silly, too, so he obviously wasn’t up with what the cool kids were doing. My dad did compliment the color of my hair, and I agreed. In addition to the color, there are other things I like about my hair. It holds a braid and a curl like a champ, and I only have one or two grays.
I hold serious admiration for my friends who have lost their hair while battling cancer, giving up a piece of their identity that our society is heavily focused on. I could live without my hair, but it would be somewhat traumatic, and I wonder if I would ever be brave enough to chop my hair and free myself from the shackles of products and styling tools. In many ways, my hair is as much a part of me as my kids are. I love it, but it takes work.
  1. When my hair cooperates and behaves, I take full credit. When it misbehaves, how is that my fault? Everyone knows hair has a mind of its own.
  2. Sometimes I look back on pictures of my hair. It’s strange to see myself in the early years without my hair. Later, my hair was small and adorable. There were a few awkward years, but I remember it all fondly. Unlike my kids, my hair has gotten smaller over the years. Whatever. We didn’t have flat-irons back then.
  3. I have hair with unique challenges, and I find it helps to consult with professionals who have experience with those types of challenges. Some people are great with kids, others are great with hair.
  4. There have been times when I’ve yelled at my hair. I’ve even thrown things. While it sometimes makes me feel better in the moment, I always regret losing my temper, and my outbursts never make my hair cooperate.
  5. There are people who are jealous of my hair, and there are people who are thankful my hair is not their hair.
  6. My mother thinks I have lovely hair, but doesn’t always think it’s lovely how my hair behaves.
  7. Buying things for and spending money on my hair costs more than my husband thinks it should.
  8. I often don’t even know about the things I need for my hair until I go to Target, and then I need so many of the things!
  9. My hair has been responsible for more than one drain clog.
  10. Despite our challenges, I love my hair. It keeps me warm, it makes me feel pretty, and I wouldn’t recognize myself without it.

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