Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 4/1/13

The week began with a threat of snow and ended under a pile of Easter candy. Here is some stuff that happened in the middle.

Stuff I Wrote
On Monday I talked about spring sports beginning soon, and What I’d Like To Yell From The Sidelines. My three year old and five year old participating in soccer and t-ball will most certainly test my patience, but I will (mostly) hold my tongue.

On Tuesday I shared some of my blogging notes I took after a few drinks. Drinking and Blogging: I Let You Read My Journal suggests that maybe all of my ideas aren’t winners. And sometimes they are perfectly terrible.

On Wednesday, the lovely ladies at The Dose of Reality shared my 20 Things I Learned in College post. That one always makes me hungry for a chicken burger from my favorite college burger joint. Thanks, Lisa and Ashley for introducing me to so many of your wonderful readers!

On Thursday, the Crock Pot Thursday crew made Bacon-Wrapped Apple BBQ Chicken. I was nervous to make bacon in the slow cooker, but it turned out well. This recipe looks fancy and difficult, but it’s pretty simple. Check out the new version of the feedback section for this weekly segment.

On Friday, I shared 10 Reasons My Body Image Is Better After Having Kids. So often, we mothers are dejected by the way birthing babies and age get together to batter our bodies. I don’t always feel great about myself, but my self-esteem and my self-image are much better than they were before I had kids. Beauty can be worn so many ways. I understand that now.

Stuff I Loved
Michelle at You’re my favorite today. told a cautionary tale of using self tanners and not listening to your momma. Since I am a big fan of when people make asses of themselves, and of laughing at one’s children, I thought this post was hilarious.

Kathy from Kissing the Frog made me sob with this piece about keeping the memory of her son, Joey, alive within her family. Her writing and point of view always impress me.

Momma Be Thy Name wrote a post that started, “I’ve been struggling with whether or not to write this, because a) how irrelevant can one get, and 2) really, who cares?” which, in my opinion, are two perfect reasons to write a post, so I was hooked from the beginning. Oh, who am I kidding? I loved this post from the moment I read the title, An Open Letter to Baby Houseman Re: Your Relationship with Johnny Castle.

Stuff I Made
On Easter Sunday in 2009, my then two year old son called the deviled eggs I was making “egg boats”. We, of course, thought it was pretty much the most clever thing a child had said ever in the history of the world, and immediately began referring to deviled eggs as egg boats. Still do. My friend Megan sent me this idea, and it’s like this ridiculous food craft was made just for my family. 

Original by Spoonful

I used apples and pears, because my kids eating raw bell peppers? Yeah, right.
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