Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 2/4/13

Yesterday was Super Snack Sunday, a special day for snack lovers to come together and enjoy the very best snacks of the year. At our house, that looked like chips, dips, several deep fried meats, and mountains of chicken wings. There was a football game on, too. No lie you guys, until game time, I thought the Harbaugh brothers played for the Super Bowl contending teams, not that they were the coaches. 
Lily and I knocked out a couple of play dates last week, which was as fun for me as it was for her. I love getting together with my friends and their kids. I leave feeling refreshed, connected, and happy. Not all play dates are made equally, though. I broke down the play date for anyone who feels their play date experiences need some work.
I have been contemplating changing the commenting section of this blog for some time now, and last week I pulled the trigger and installed CommentLuv. For a few days, readers comments were disappearing, which was really bumming me out; and now the old comments are hidden, and the old posts can’t be comment on.  Obviously I don’t like this, and am still debating what I should do. I adore comments, and I don’t want to lose even one, but I do want to make commenting easy for anyone who has something to say. (Except you, spammers.) If you are a blogger, or a commenter, feel free to weigh in on this topic. I would love to hear your thoughts!
I was scrolling through pictures on my phone, and was cracking up at some of the pictures I’ve taken of my kids when they are unhappy. So many times I’ve caught them in a situation where the last thing they need is a camera in their face, but I am so amused, I have to capture the moment. I am not alone. Thanks to camera phones, this generation of children will have every embarrassing moment captured. Just yesterday I made a shit joke via text with a friend, and she responded with a picture of one of her kid’s first-poop-in-the-potty pictures. I didn’t think it was weird that she took a picture of her kids’s crap. I did the same thing when we were potty training. Didn’t you?
We made Nora Ephron’s World’s Greatest Chili for Crock Pot Thursday, and it was a hit. My brother-in-law took the photo for the post, and his wife’s dishes were talked about more than the chili. Her entire kitchen collection is to be envied. Especially by me, since most of our dishware is from Ikea.
I confessed that we weren’t nearly as prepared for our first child’s birth as we should have been. The only person who has admitted she was as unprepared as I was is Lisa from The Dose of Reality, who was working 80-100 hour weeks, and whose baby arrived over a month early. Both of her reasons are way better than mine. Don’t worry, it turned out fine for them. Her husband went to Babies R Us and bought every single thing, all by himself. I’ll bet that was a sight! I picture it sort of like that scene in Pretty Woman, when Vivian and Edward are shopping, with Babies R Us employees surrounding him and presenting car seat and bottle warmer options. He sips a latte and points to his selections, while the staff runs around fulfilling his shopping demands. I’ll bet it was exactly like that.

My streak of People I Want to Punch in the Throat comments being highlighted continues, if you can call three weeks in a row a streak. I totally do. Mine’s the one about library toilet books. You’ll never look at library books the same!

If you are like me, you are sick and tired of hearing about the Circle of Moms Top 25 contest. We’ve got a bit over a week left, and I won’t be in top 25, but I would like to land somewhere above 50. Circle of Moms chooses three up and coming bloggers as their Blogs to Watch, and I’ve got my eye on that prize! You can vote once every 24 hours from each electronic device. Thank you!

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