Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 2/11/13

I wrote some stuff and cooked some stuff last week, and over the weekend, I shoveled some stuff. Snow. I’m talking about snow. Three feet of it fell in about 24 hours, and it was crazy y’all! Luckily, the blizzard hit over the weekend, most of the snowfall was that nice light powder making for easier shoveling, and when it stopped snowing, the sun came out. Our roads weren’t plowed until Monday morning, so we couldn’t go anywhere, and I loved it. We got the fire pit going on Sunday night, and had a blizzard party with some neighbors. We stayed up late, we drank all the beer, and this morning I smell like campfire. I love the smell of campfire, and I was thrilled to enjoy one of my favorite summer things surrounded by walls of snow and good friends.

 When Graham woke up on Saturday morning, I told him to look out the window. “I can’t!” he exclaimed. I loved how the snow in the windows made it look like we were at a ski lodge.

 Lily couldn’t find her Hermione wand. “Maybe it’s in the car,” she suggested. “Mom, go look!” Sorry, sis. Not today.

My five year old loved walking in the middle of the road. I loved that he wanted to hold my hand.

My kids think my husband is the funny one in our house. If I did more fart jokes, I could totally be funnier than him.

I wrote my most embarrassing story to date. If you know me in real life, I’m really sorry for the visual.

We made pork carnitas on Crock Pot Thursday, and it was a hit. I will be making this easy and delicious recipe again soon.

Between catfishing and webcam Peeping Toms, the internet is starting to freak me out. If you spy on me through my webcam, here are five things you may see.

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