Books And Candy, Panties And Minivans

Did you guys hear that I’m going to be in a book? I’m sure I mentioned it. Oh, a couple of times, you say? Well, in anticipation of selling that book right here on this site, I got myself an Amazon button. See it over there on the right? Give it a click and buy yourself something pretty. —->

I was reading some of my co-collaborators older works, and I realized that our book isn’t the only thing I can be selling. Some of these ladies have some amazing products to promote, and I need to do what I can to help you get your hands on these items.

Like Snarkfest, who has found you just the undergarment to start your day off right. Positive Panties, because who doesn’t want a pep talk from her underoos? Especially one that uses the F-bomb to proclaim your awesomeness?

Or Frugalista Blog who is going to help me sell my sister-in-law on a minivan. She doesn’t want one now, but  when she has that third kid she keeps talking about, she’ll be crying for third row seating and automatic sliding doors. I know I’d like to roll with a bigger posse than my small sized SUV allows for now. Minivan, bitches!

And Peanut Layne will make you want some candy, but you’ll have no idea what it means. Candy in the good way, or candy in the bad way? Am I hungry or horny or both?! Read this sweet story and decide for yourself.

I’m rubbing elbows with some seriously funny women, and I still can’t believe my luck. If Neil Patrick Harris texts me to hang out, I’ll know it’s a dream. Since I’m still scrubbing toilets and matching up socks, I have to believe it’s real.

Hold on, though…don’t go spending all of your cash. Save a few bucks to buy our book, m’kay?

When you’re done clicking these funny ladies links, click this banner!

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