Moms and Dads: We Do Things Differently

In our house, the kids know that Dad is “way more funner” than Mom, and that Mom is “more snuggly” than Dad. Dad is good for a two hour Lego session, and Mom is the one to holla at for a living room dance party. It’s true that we approach parenting differently, but in the end we both want the same thing for our kids: college scholarships so we don’t have to pay for years of beer, pizza, and questionable choices.

Here are a few of the ways we do things differently.

Moms and Dads: We do things differently

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25 thoughts on “Moms and Dads: We Do Things Differently

  1. I just found your blog and I love it! Our parenting styles are very much a like and it feels good to know that Im not the only mom who tells it like it is and gets crazy mad sometimes. And PS snuggles with mom always ends with kids off the chair bc they just cant sit still and stop fighting.

  2. Yep, yep, and yep. Very familiar with this! And although my girls are both very much daddy's girls, they turn out more and more like me in their personalities and thinking patterns. Kind of odd how that all works out~

  3. OMG…the bedtime and middle of the night is SO CLASSIC!! I think your chart really illustrates how our children get different things from each parent (and how each is necessary and helps add up to shape them)

  4. Boy are you so right. And it seems no matter what Dad is having a blast with the kids and we are either worrying, working our emotions into a froth or working in the literal sense. Gah!!!

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