The Camera and the Cranky Kid

I think my kids are hi-larious, and I find them the most humorous when they are unhappy. I don’t have time to wonder what that says about me as a mom, because I’m too busy taking pictures of these situations with my phone. Here is some photo evidence of my amusement.

You say, “Holy shit! Do we need to call poison control?!” I say, “Aw, Lily! Yes, your lipstick looks amazing. Give me all the markers, and go show your dad. But first, let me take a picture real quick before he cleans you up.”

You say, “Oh no! She cut her own hair!” I say, “Huh. I thought it looked like you had layers now. When did you do that? Oh, two days ago? Well, let me get a picture real quick before we have the scissors talk. Where ARE those scissors?” (See marker lipstick picture for the new layers. I think she did a nice job.)

You say, “What an adorable Harry Potter!” I say, “That’s right, and he’s even cuter when I’m making him give me one of his treats. Hey, Graham, hold that pose while I take a picture real quick.”

You may say, “Oh, poor bud. He had dental work done.” I say, “Hey, receptionist lady, doesn’t it look like my kid is chewing on a tampon? Let me take a picture real quick before we make his follow-up appointment.”

You say, “Look at that adorable little girl hiding under the table. Wait. What? What is she…is she eating the under-the-table gum?!” I say, “Gross! Knock it off! But before you get up, look over here.”

“Let me get a picture real quick.” 

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The secret reason I became a mom.

17 thoughts on “The Camera and the Cranky Kid

    1. I about died laughing when I was taking that one, but the ladies behind the desk weren't nearly as amused. Neither was my boy, obviously. I'm laughing again just thinking about it!

  1. Love them! I thought I was the only one who did this…I love the mid-whine or mid-meltdown pics, myself. I have them from weddings, birthdays, homework sessions. And most recently, when he didn't pick up the spare at his friend's bowling party.

  2. (above comment had a GRAMMATICAL ERROR!!! HORRORS!) Take 2 -"…chewing on a tampon." Brilliant. Love it. And can Lily cut my hair? Hers looks fab! 😉

    1. I was glad her beautiful curls weren't mutilated, and I felt like an AWESOME mom that I didn't notice her haircut until we found the clippings hiding in the pretend kitchen. That tampon picture makes me so happy. 🙂

    1. Yes! On the flip side, I am already terrified for the teen years, when a camera phone is on hand to capture every embarrassing moment. Or as I like to call them, the "You'll never be President" pictures.

  3. My favourite part of the tampon picture is his little sister giving a big smile for the camera! Is it because that’s what you do when someone takes a photo of you, or is it because she secretly likes to see her brother suffering (hey, my kids get way too much pleasure out of the misery of their sibling!)

    1. She does like to smile for the camera, Beth, but I think the twinkle in her eye is due to her brother’s discomfort. I’m with you. I love her face in that picture!

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