Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 1/7/13

Last week was short. We flew on Monday, unpacked and took down the tree on Tuesday, and fell back into our regular life on Wednesday. We fought the three hour time difference all week, which meant I was first dragging my sorry ass out of bed, and then coaxing, prodding, and finally demanding both kids get up every morning. I consider it a major win that Graham was never late to school, since more than once he was still in bed 30 minutes before the tardy bell rang. I know people complain about kids that wake them up early, but since I’m a morning person, I think it’s way worse dragging my sleepy babies out of bed. The Doctor’s no help. He hits that snooze button like he’s got the winning answer in a game show finale.

My blog definitely suffered during the two weeks of Christmas, but we were spending some great time with our families, and I was doing important things like taking naps, enjoying nieces and nephews, drinking Bailey’s, and playing dominoes. I’m back; writing, reading, and commenting like a mo-fo. It’s a new year, and I’m not dicking around.
One of my first orders of business was linking up with Mel at According to Mags and Michele at OldDogNewTits and sharing my New Year’s resolutions, in 57 words or less. I’m really feeling good about my goals this year!
We didn’t have snow at Grandma’s house, but it’s been cold enough here to keep the old Christmas snow from melting. Every time I’m standing outside freezing my ta-tas off while the kids play in the snow, I remember that more calories are burned in cold weather than warm, and I say, “Alllriiight. We can stay out here a few more minutes.”

Graham could play in the snow all day long.

While Lily stays inside, licking the glass. Like a lady.
For Crock Pot Thursday I shared two split pea soup recipes, one for the crock pot (duh) and one for the stove top. When we made split pea soup the previous Thursday, it was the first time since Crock Pot Thursday began that all of the participants were together to enjoy our meal. It was wonderful.
I linked up with Something Clever 2.0 for my first Theme Thursday. The topic was winter, and I dug up some memories of snow skiing as a kid, and a story about my husband’s first time skiing. I’m surprised he still married me after what my family and I put him through.
I got to drink wine with friends on Friday AND Saturday night. It was awesome, and I’m still smiling. It’s good to be home.

10 thoughts on “Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 1/7/13

  1. I just read your comment on my post on Shelly's blog (La Tejana). Thanks for your kind words and for being an organ donor. You have a fun blog and cute kids! Have a great day!Nancy

  2. You need a vacation to recuperate from your break. I feel like I didn't have a break since we traveled almost all of it and got back the night before we had to return to work. Ah, well, that's what breaks are for. Your break sounds like it was time well spent!

  3. I was *just* telling my BFF about your post about your husband's first skiing trip! Ha! I just sent her the link and everything! 🙂 (and I adore the caption of the glass-licking photo. That made me laugh for 5 minutes straight!!)

  4. I am working to get back on my blogging feet after the holidays too. Great snow pics and I did not know that about burning more calories! Bring on the cold 😉

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