Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 1/14/13

This past week I had a confession. I like one of my kids more than the other. I definitely play favorites, but the distinction of favorite child changes frequently. One minute it’s my sweet and cuddly daughter, the next it’s my helpful and kind son. There are also times when they are both on my shit list, or are both in my good graces. What can I say? I’m a girl, with the emotional fluidity to prove it. I confessed that my son was my favorite, and while my daughter made a comeback, the boy is once again the golden child. Here’s why: Over the weekend, the kids were watching a movie with their dad, and I was reading a People magazine in a bubble bath. I asked Lily to bring me a beer (don’t judge) and here is what she came back with:

“I couldn’t find any beer.” No beer, but she did find some frozen corn in the freezer to snack on. I wasn’t giving up on my dream of a beery bubble bath. I hollered for Graham to fetch me a cold one, and this is what he came back with:

Show this picture to your friends who are on the fence about having kids. Everyone should try to get themselves a little beer fetcher.

The Crock Pot Thursday recipe last week was Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin. It was easy and delicious. The recipe totally deserves its popularity on Pinterest, and I know I’ll make it again.

I caught Lily in a lie, and remembered a story of my childhood when I told a lie that caused a serious ass whooping. Lucky for me, it wasn’t my behind that got spanked. Also lucky for me, my brother has forgiven me for causing his beating.

We waited in a McDonald’s drive thru line with 15 other cars for at least 20 minutes, only to find out the restaurant was closed. McDonald’s is dumb.

I’ve renewed my love for Pinterest. I know it makes some moms feel inadequate, but I think it’s fun seeing how clever and creative people can be, and love that those people are willing to share their tips and tricks. Follow me  to see the ridiculously amazing things I’ve pinned that I’ll never make, the inexpensive and easy things I’ve actually made, the books I love, and a collection of all of the Crock Pot Thursday recipes.

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6 thoughts on “Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 1/14/13

    1. The way she loves frozen vegetables, I'm not sure if she would have shared with me. She did share a couple of handfuls with her brother, though. Besides, I'm not sure corn would have scratched my beer itch!

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