Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 12/3/12

The water is always free, but on Tuesday so is lunch!

On Tuesdays, kids eat free at Ikea. Free totally fits our budget, so you can often find us there munching on some Swedish meatballs, sometimes with friends. After lunch, we moms may drop the kids off at Smaland (Ikea’s supervised play area) for 30 minutes or so while we do some shopping. Currently I am searching for some sort of organizational system to manage our entryway, which is overflowing with cold weather gear. Lunch may be free, but shopping with a girlfriend for a glorious half hour without kids is priceless.

I’m a mom, and I don’t work outside the home more than a few hours a week, so most people (myself included) call me a stay at home mom. This title doesn’t seem to quite describe what I do, but neither do the other options. What title says, “Book reading, dog walking, dinner fixing, laundry avoiding, husband embracing, classroom volunteering, social media loving, child nurturer?” I guess Mom will have to do.

A good friend has a Facebook page devoted to her four year old’s unique fashion choices, and she encourages others to share their loved one’s questionable outfits, too. L has a specific vision when it comes to her wardrobe, and now that I don’t stand in her way, some of her ensembles have been epic. I love Does This Match, and L feels extra pretty when I want to take her picture because her outfit is “so wow!”

This week’s submission to Does This Match.

I shared how almost six years ago I was late to my own baby shower because I choked while laughing, which caused me to vomit, which caused me to wet my pants. It was a great way for me to learn that, for a few years at least, my body would not be my own. It’s a funny story that would, in my opinion, be more funny if it had happened to someone else.

We kicked off the Christmas season by getting our tree and reading the first pages of the kids’ Advent books. My kids think it’s pretty awesome that they get presents for Jesus’ birthday. While decorating the tree, G put his hand up to a hand print ornament he made in daycare when he was eight months old. That tiny print underneath his five year old hand made my breath catch. It made me cry. I cried for the blessing of a child who continues to grow, and for the time that has passed so quickly. That ornament is next to an ornament from The Doctor’s childhood, and I am painfully aware that before I know it, G will be a grown man, maybe sharing that same hand print ornament with his own children.

My Crock Pot Thursday recipe featured The Doctor’s Sausage Stuffing. He got it from his mom, who got it from Emril, who got it from HIS mom. It has been modified somewhat, as recipes are, and I think it’s perfect. It is spicy, and sausage-y, and delicious.

Last Monday I grew a pair and took on The Elf on the Shelf phenomenon. I spent the first day worried that I was going to offend my elf loving friends, and the next two days enjoying the support from my internet village. On Friday, Why I Hate The Elf On The Shelf was featured on BlogHer, and along with tons of support, I got my first negative comments as a blogger. For the record, if you are an elf loving family, I don’t think less of you. We all make different choices for ourselves, for our families, and that’s great. It keeps things interesting. If you read this blog with any regularity, you will find things about our goofy family that make you shake your head. And I love that.

2 thoughts on “Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 12/3/12

  1. The look-what-I-put-together-myself outfit made me smile- my 16 year old used to do that all the time. If it's any comfort, now, she's very stylish and gets compliments all the time.And yes, it's impossible to describe it to anyone who's not experiencing it with their children, but time moves at warp speed. My teenager just happened to plop down on my lap the other day when she walked through the room and I almost cried because it brought such a deluge of memories.I hear elf hating might become an Olympic sport, so don't feel too badly-

    1. I should have been prepared for some angry comments, since I used the word "hate" in the title. Also, if that post is the first one someone reads of mine, they don't know my "voice" and could take it more seriously than it was intended. How quickly my children are growing catches me off guard at least once a week. I am quite certain it will never get less surprising.I am so happy that I allow L to have control of her wardrobe. She gets such joy from expressing herself, and her ridiculous outfits crack me up.As always, thank you for reading and for your kind comments!

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