Buddy The Elf Through The Eyes Of My Kids


It’s time! Time for Christmas trees, holiday music, and wish lists. Time for spiked hot chocolate, cheap televisions, and expensive holiday travel. Most importantly, though, it’s time for Elf! I love the Will Ferrell movie featuring Buddy the Elf, and was so excited to share the magic with my six-year-old son, Graham and my four-year-old daughter, Lily. Here’s how it went.


Lily: Tell me when the funny part is gonna come.

Graham: Elf! That says Elf!

Lily: That was funny.

Lily: Aww…a baby.

Lily and Graham: SANTA!

Lily: Where’s that baby’s mom?
Me: Quick explanation of orphanages.
Lily: Oh! Tears.

Lily: Where is that baby going? The baby’s gone. Tears. Again.

Graham: That baby is in that bag!

Lily: When is the scary part gonna come? Is there a scary part?

Graham: What’s a cotton-headed ninny muggins?

Graham: Buddy fell on that elf.
Lily: The elf did this. Pats herself on the back. That was nice. I hope Buddy’s okay.
Me: He’s fine. He just fainted.
Graham: What’s “fainted?”

Graham: New York City?! We’ve been there! Why didn’t you tell me it was a magical place?

Lily: His dad’s on the naughty list?!

Lily: This show is too grown-upy. Can we watch My Little Pony?

Lily: Elf’s sad.
Graham: His name is Buddy.

Lily: Why is his name Mr. Normal?
Me: It’s Mr. Narwhal.
Lily: Oh.

Lily: He just wanted a hug.

Graham: This movie isn’t silly enough.

Graham: What’s he eating?
Me: Old gum that naughty people stuck on that rail instead of throwing away.
Graham: Yuck.
Lily: Yuck.

Graham: He’s pushing all the buttons on that elevator! You aren’t supposed to do that.

Graham: What did he put in his mouth?
Me: Perfume.
Graham: What’s perfume?

Graham and Lily: Laughing super hard at the escalator scene.
Lily: He’s doing that funny.
Graham: Imitates Buddy by attempting to do the splits.

Graham: Ha! He said, “Hey did you see these toilets? They’re ginormous!”

Lily: He’s making a mess. Oh, he’s making those snowflake things out of paper!

Graham: Whoa! He made that whole thing out of Legos?

Graham: That girl’s in the shower. Smiling.

Graham: Laughing. He ran into the wall.

Graham: That’s not the real Santa. See! Buddy knows, too.

Lily: What’s happening?
Me: The fake Santa and Buddy are fighting.
Lily: That’s not nice.

Graham: Laughing. A lot. Look at the present Buddy’s dad got! That’s funny. Why did Buddy’s dad get a girl boob thing for a present?

Graham: Is that jail? Why is he in jail? Why is that guy playing cards by himself? Why isn’t the fake Santa in jail, too?

Lily: What is he eating?
Me: Cotton balls.
Lily: WHAT?!
Graham: I wonder why he likes cotton balls?
Lily: Elves just like to eat cotton balls.
Me: DO NOT try to eat cotton balls.

Graham: Can we watch something else?
Lily: Yeah! My Little Pony!
Me: No.

Graham: Why did he drink all of that? What is that?
Me: Soda.
Graham: Whoa.

Graham: I HAVE to try syrup on my spaghetti.

Graham and Lily: Laughing. Hard. 
Graham: That was a really long burp.

Graham: Why is he eating spaghetti for breakfast? Why is he eating it like that?
Lily: He’s being dirty. Dirty and messy.

Graham: Why is that boy ignoring Buddy?

Lily: Oh no! What’s happening?
Graham: Those kids are throwing snowballs at Buddy and that boy.
Graham: Whoa. He throws snowballs really fast.

Graham: They shouldn’t be running in a store.
Lily: Uh oh. They’re jumping on the beds!

Graham: That kid said he’s Buddy brother. He’s not Buddy’s brother.
Me: Yes he is.
Graham: Oh.

Lily: He pulled that Christmas tree down. Oops.

Graham: How does Buddy know all of those people’s names? What does “You just made my day” mean?

Lily: Why are they laughing?
Graham: They’re drunk. If grown-ups drink too much beer or wine, they get really funny.
Me: No they don’t. They get really annoying and think dumb stuff is funny.
Lily: I think it’s because they’re tickling each other.

Lily: He’s holding hands with that girl.

Graham: Mom! Look! It’s that statue we saw in New York City AND on that singing Christmas show! (Christmas in Rockefeller Center)
Lily: They’re ice skating. Ooh…now they’re kissing.

Graham: His dad is really mad.
Lily: Why is he mad? Oh. Buddy is sad.

Graham: A skateboard? Awesome! Do you think I’m Santa’s book?

Lily: Oh! There’s no Christmas spirit!

Lily: They have a baby!

Graham: Mommy? NOW can we watch something else?
Lily: My Little Pony!

9 thoughts on “Buddy The Elf Through The Eyes Of My Kids

  1. OH my gosh! Did you have a hidden camera in our house when we were watching this the other week???I love every one of your kids' comments, they are exactly like mine.My son has to tell me "his funniest part" of Elf (him hugging the raccoon) and "his silliest part" of the claymation christmas movie (yukon licking the pickaxe) every time we get in the car. I don't know why those memories are tied to getting into the car, but for whatever reason, they are.

    1. Too funny! G liked the long burp. "Mom, remember when Buddy had that really long burp? That was sooo funny." My kids haven't seen the claymation movie yet. That's next on my list after The Christmas Story.

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