Best Day Ever

We are a family of simple tastes. We enjoy each other’s company, and can find joy in seemingly mundane things. This past weekend was a two day display of this familial trait.

First up was the PTA Holiday Fair at G’s elementary school, where we ate overpriced doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches, and the kids played games that included a bean bag toss for prize tickets. They both walked away with cheap, plastic toys that they bought with their tickets, and could not have been more pleased with their cockroach, bubble wand ring, tiny car, necklace, and paddle ball toy. When it was time to go, they left reluctantly, but since our next adventure was getting our Christmas tree, there were no tears. My kids have a hard time with transition, and it is not uncommon for one of them to cry when it’s time to leave somewhere fun.

For the past couple of years we’ve gotten our tree from The Home Depot. The price is right, it’s convenient, and the trees look good. Cutting down your own Christmas tree makes for great pictures and a wonderful family story, but I don’t like to be cold, it costs more to cut your own, we would always get a tree that was way too big, and I can barely get L to walk through a parking lot, let alone traipse through the woods on a tree hunt.
On the first Saturday of the month, The Home Depot hosts a free kids workshop where they make a craft and get their own orange apron. We didn’t have time to stay for the craft, but the kids each got the kit to make a picture frame to take home. And the apron, of course. 
G telling Santa how he’s been helping out.
Santa was there, too. This was awesome, because L got to see Santa at her preschool last week, but G hadn’t had a chance to sit down with the big man, so I was thrilled to check that off my list, too. G climbed up on Santa’s lap with the confidence of a boy who has done this six times, and got right to business. He told Santa that he already has lots of Legos, but that he really wants the Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut set for Christmas. Santa asked, “Have you been a good boy, helping your parents around the house with chores?” Grant nodded thoughtfully, saying, “Well, we went to happy hour last night, and I cleaned up lots and lots of beer bottles.” Wiping my tears of laughter, I nodded and confirmed G’s assertion. What I wanted to tell Santa, but didn’t, is that we got to the kids’ dad’s work party late, and there were many empties left from the many people before us. But I didn’t. I just had a good laugh with Santa, gathered up my kids and their project kits, and hurried out to the car to tell The Doctor that CPS may be calling.
We got our tree home, into the stand and some water, and went grocery shopping while the tree rested. I like to sing Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s 1st of tha Month while we’re rolling to our monthly Costco trip. I’m gangsta like that. 
My kids love Costco. I love Coscto. What’s not to love? Samples galore, AND a hot dog or slice of pizza afterwards? The first Saturday of the month at Costco is always super busy, but it also has the best samples. If you know me at all, you know that I may love free food more than anything in the world. 
After paying for our bulk packaged food products, we grabbed some lunch. Sitting at one of the many white tables, we admired our new Christmas cards, and shared stories. L said it best while chewing on her slice, “This is the best day ever!” Soon after, we hit the bathroom on the way out, and L got to dry her hands with one of those Airblade hand dryers. The cherry on top of her best day.
My kids love these hand dryers so much.
Our day was simple, but we were together. I hope my kids always appreciate everyday events. So much joy can be found by just looking around, and spending time with those you love. We like big fun too, but sometimes, little fun is even sweeter.
Sunday we decorated our tree, enjoyed the warmish weather, and cheered the Seattle Seahawks on to a win. I got a nap! Best weekend ever.

5 thoughts on “Best Day Ever

  1. Just curious, do you still get to ask for toys when you visit Santa at Home Depot, or do you have to ask for tools? And how many grown men tried to sit on his lap to ask for power tools? My husband would be cutting in line…We don't have a Home Depot, but we have a Lowe's, and we love their workshops too. You know what is really neat? The ones that Bass Pro Shops do! It's just cool!Nothing wrong with enjoying the mundane. Absolutely nothing!

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