Some People Won’t Be Laughing Tonight

I wasn’t going to write about today’s election. I have purposely avoided political topics on this blog because I am confident none of you will change your political views based on mine. If I’m wrong about that, contact me before you vote today, and I’ll tell you which way to go. 
Sometimes avoiding all hints of politics is hard, especially when there is a new meme trending. The internets are chock full of hilarious material about both candidates, and it’s been hard to resist. 
I didn’t comment on this

Or this
Or my very favorite
But my boy came home from kindergarten yesterday with this artwork, and I had to share.

His depictions do a good job capturing the self-satisfied aloofness of Obama, and the insincere smile of the spray-tanned Romney. His school is our polling site, and he got to vote yesterday. His teacher asked the kids to keep their vote private, but he did share with me when he got home, and he’s excited to see if his guy wins.

There is no doubt that most of the humorous material about the candidates is created by individuals with liberal leanings. A quick internet search will show that Romney jokes outnumber Obama jokes by a staggering amount. I have opinions about policy and have picked a candidate whose platform best reflects those opinions, but I also love having smart, witty people point out absurdities in an easy to digest platform. I feel comfortable laughing at the leader of our country. I regularly laugh at the most important things in my life: my family, my friends, my country, my religion, and myself.

Today is an important day. Election day makes me proud, grateful, humble, and free. Proud to be part of a democratic society. Grateful for the women before me who fought for my right to vote. Humbled by the collective process that helps me feel the weight of my vote. Free to make fun of the process.

5 thoughts on “Some People Won’t Be Laughing Tonight

  1. Your blog is hilarious, and I think you'd make a lovely addition to the parenting humor freelance community. It all depends on your blog goals. :)So I'd vote yes for WordPress.Nicolettep.s. Internet memes are fun to make. I've made a bunch for Ryan Gosling/autism & had to poke fun at Mitt and his binders full of women.They are on my site as well.

  2. I love the pictures! HA HA! And wow, your child has great coloring skills. You know, I used to be a preschool teacher, and the college students that helped out were heavily judged by their coloring skills. He'd be a shoo-in to work in my classroom. I would have paid him in gummy worms. Not sure what the exchange rate is for that.

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