Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 11/19/12

It’s truly ridiculous that when it’s time for me to compose my weekly wrap-up post I have to look back at my blog entries to see what I did just a few days before. I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m the mom who forgets Crazy Hair Day for G, and Orange Day for L. I did remember Favorite Team Day this week. Ha! No I didn’t. My neighbor friend reminded me. I’m really lucky to have her. She’s definitely got her shit together, and since our kids are the same age, they attend the same schools and she makes sure I do the important stuff. No joke, the first week of school she called me to remind me to pick up L. I wasn’t offended. I too was worried I may forget. I wish she would remind me to pay L’s preschool tuition. It’s the only bill I’m responsible for, and it’s a few days late every month.

I admitted that I accidentally drank half of a Gatorade bottle full of dirty kid bathwater. I still can’t drink water out of anything plastic without gagging. That’s probably why I’m so dehydrated. I want to be mad at the kids, or The Doctor, but it’s really my fault. I guess it’s probably better this way. I have a really hard time holding a grudge against myself.

Our Crock Pot Thursday recipe last week was yummy and easy. For everyone else but us. I messed those French Dip Subs up good. Since the rest of the Crock Pot Thursday crew loved the recipe so much, and because I knew I would have to write about it, I repeated the recipe later in the week, with much better results. We’ll definitely make these subs again.

I gave one of my closest friends my user name for My Fitness Pal. This is a big deal. I would be more likely to let you see me naked than let you see my food journal. I WILL give you all an insider tip: Dinner on Saturday was beer. Operation Smoking Hot Body is still a focus, but not when our college football team is playing!

I wrote about how my summer job in high school bears many similarities to parenting. I was a lifeguard, and I spent  my days keeping people alive, managing children, and cleaning. All while sucking in my gut. Moms and lifeguards have very similar job descriptions. We may not get official training for parenthood, but our life experiences train us for this gig in so many ways. I plan on flipping this logic around when it’s time for me to go back to work. Maybe I’ll get another lifeguarding job. We’ll have to see how smoking hot my body is by then.

I wrote a post that was really a love letter to my mom friends. I surround myself with some amazing women, and I feel truly blessed to have old and new friends that really get me. BlogHer featured it last week, which was obviously very exciting. I’m pretty proud of my “Featured on BlogHer” badge. Look how shiny it is!

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