I Get You

Hey, moms! I get you.

I met my friend Kelly when we both belonged to a local moms’ group. One of the first group activities my kids and I participated in was a playdate at her house. Kelly has a cat, and at some point in the playdate, my one year old daughter was found playing in the litter box. We determined that she hadn’t eaten anything (litter or otherwise), and after washing her hands REALLY good, I released her to continue playing while I sipped my coffee, chatted with the other mothers, and kept a better eye on my kid. I was grossed out, but what was I gonna do? Leave? Haha, no. Enjoy my coffee and grown-up conversation, that’s what.

Kelly has since told me that seeing my reaction to that situation was when she knew she liked me. That we could be friends.

I understand what she means, and I also have vivid memories of situations when I knew a fellow mom was like me. Situations where I remember thinking, “I get you,” or “You do it the way I do.”

If you are the mom who picked a knife up off of my kitchen counter, looked at the bits on the edge of the knife saying, “This looks like it was used for food,” and proceeded to cut your kid’s hot dog with it: I get you.

If you are the mom who convinced me it wasn’t completely disgusting to dig Lily’s brand new tiara out of a public toilet, wash it off, and give it back to her to wear: I respect your parenting.

If you are the mom who told me years ago that the kids live in your house, not the other way around, and your main living area will not be overrun by kids’ stuff: I’m still looking to you as an example.

This is how I like a playdate to look.

If you are the mom of two girls who says letting your children dress themselves “builds character and sense of self,”: Thank you for helping free me from that particular battle.

If you are the mom who meets the kids and me for a day at the beach, and we both bring beer without even discussing it: I’m so glad we are East Coast transplants together. Sisterhood!

If you are the mom who said “I love the update on your kids. You need to blog this shit though.”: Thank you for encouraging me to take that leap. My first Crock Pot giveaway will be rigged in your favor.

If you are a mom who likes to laugh at her kids: Make sure you share the funny with the rest of us so we can laugh, too.

If you are a mom who understands that a light-hearted approach to parenting doesn’t diminish the fierce love we have for, and desire to protect our kids: Keep it up. Important jobs can be fun, too.

If you are a mom who takes time for yourself; to exercise, enjoy hobbies, and go out with friends: Good for you. It makes you a happier wife and mother.

We all parent differently, but there are some situations that cut through all of the noise and tell me we are more alike than anything. I live for those moments.

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17 thoughts on “I Get You

  1. NAILED IT!Something my husband, and I assume most other husbands, doesn't get to have is conversations with fellow parents that make you realize, "Hey, I'm NOT the only one" and "Wow, allllllllllllllll my friend's kids do the same exact things mine do!" I love girl's nights and playdates because it makes me feel so normal. And yes, I love love love the moments when I learn to be stronger or more patient or more fun or more strict or to do something a better way for the Good of My Boys!!*Beers on the beach rock!*

  2. I love this post (and not just because I recognize one of those moms)! I alternately love and hate reading your blog. Love it because you are hilarious and I love your friggin' guts but hate it because it makes me miss you and wish I were cracking a beer with you. Ah hell… I'll crack a beer anyway.

  3. PS–While I'm writing this my 5-year-old daughter walked up to me and told me something. (I don't know what. I wasn't really paying attention.) I told her that her breath stinks and asked her if she brushed her teeth today. Her response, "No, because it's Saturday." Not sure if that makes me chill or negligent but let's pretend it's the former.

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