Our Busy Little Car

Ours is a one car family. We live 10-15 minutes from The Doctor’s work, so every morning we load the kids up to take Dad to work and every evening I pile them in again to pick him up. We’ve been doing this for four years. I know that our situation is not normal, as most families have (at least) two cars. I also know that we are able to only have one family car because I stay home.

We used to each have wheels. When we moved East, we minimized in a major way-selling, donating, or giving away many of our belongings, including The Doctor’s truck. Parking is expensive around his building, and with our income also minimized in a major way, it wasn’t an expense we were willing to pay.

Having only one car sometimes sucks. Our schedules have to coordinate, and sometimes something has to give because of our transportation constraints. It’s hard to get Lily to preschool on time after dropping off her brother and her dad in the morning. I’ve felt like a taxi service long before my kids started school.

In many ways, being a one car family is great. We spend two chunks of uninterrupted time every day as a family. I learn more about my kids during that 40-60 minutes in the car then I do the rest of the day. They aren’t distracted by toys (usually), they aren’t fighting (usually), and they are engaged. We aren’t staring at our phones (usually), and we aren’t fighting (usually). We are engaged.

We have zero car payments, only have to maintain one vehicle, and don’t have to pay for parking. Sure, our one car is logging some serious miles, but that’s okay. One day we’ll purchase a second vehicle, and everyone will be excited. But for now, we’re content with our car situation.

We have so much control over how we see things. Sometimes it’s hard to find the positive in a situation, but it is important to try. Many times, the blessings we receive come in unusual packages.

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