Operation Smoking Hot Body

Here’s the deal. I don’t like to exercise. I have such an aversion to it, I can’t even spell it correctly. Every time I type it, spell check gives me that glaring red squiggly line. I’ve never been very athletic, I have no rhythm, and I’m fairly clumsy.

I dislike exercise, and I love to eat. I remember being at restaurants with my grandfather, and understanding at a young age the pure joy he got from food. His large stature and soft belly should have been an indication, but it was the look on his face that really stood out. I feel that way about food, too. These two facts about me, coupled with my inherent laziness, could lead to a disastrous result.

To avert disaster, I am choosing to focus on other things I like. I like feeling good about my apperance. I like being able to fit into my favorite jeans. I like not having a muffin top, and being able to breath freely. Most importantly, I love the way I feel after exercising. And the way my body feels when I’m active on a regular basis. Strong. Energetic. Healthy.

Therefore, this week commences Operation Smoking Hot Body. It’s really more like Operation Not So Lumpy Or Soft Body, but that doesn’t go well with jazz hands. Try it. You’ll see. My body will never be smoking hot without surgical enhancements, and that’s okay. I seriously have no problem with my teeny, tiny tops.

My Fitness Pal app

To begin OSHB, I had to bust out a few faithful tools. First, My Fitness Pal. This website and app are awesome. Food journaling is super important for keeping me on track, and as I mentioned before, I’m pretty lazy. I need this app to do the work for me. And boy does it. It has a bar code scanner that makes finding the nutritional information a breeze, and the database is extensive. You can add favorite recipes, or do quick add calories, or add frequently used foods or meals. It also makes it easy to track exercise and calories burned, hence the name. And it’s free!

Second, my trusty Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd. That bitch is tough, but super effective. The workout is about 20 minutes, which totally fits into a busy life, or into a life where the user can’t handle much more than 20 minutes of activity at a time. It combines strength, cardio, and abs in three difficulty levels. She has other workout videos that I hear are good, and sometimes even better, but I haven’t tried them.

Third, getting outside and moving. This is predominantly walking our dog, Edgar, but will include some running. When G is on walks with me, he’s so fast on his bike I have to run to keep up. One of my most fit friends, James, once said, “Nothing flexes fat, soon to be muscle, better than being outside.” Exercising inside is fine, but there is something special about being active outside. It nourishes the body and the spirit.

Operation Smoking Hot Body is three days in and all I feel is sore and hungry. That means it’s working, right?

6 thoughts on “Operation Smoking Hot Body

  1. LOVE IT! I agree….the longer Title doesn't work as well with Jazz Hands. :)October is the month EVERY year for me that I fall apart and get on the Food Train of Terror. Comfort foods and Halloween candy ROCK. Then I'm fatty all Winter and into July when FINALLY my body adjusts to changes in my eating habits (you know, white wine and carrots instead of red wine and brownies) and snaps back! Just in time for the Beach Months and then October is here again.NOT this year! (I say that every October….but we'll see!)Love your posts….keep em' coming!

  2. Seriously, stop freaking me out lately by clearly SHARING MY BRAIN.I abhor exercise that isn't disguised as anything else (for instance, I LOVE hikes and bike rides) but here in MN my treadmill is pretty much the only form of torture I have from about Nov. – April. I once tried a Jillian Michaels DVD and swear to god thought I WAS GOING TO STROKE OUT after about minute 11. But I love wine and carbs too much so that's my trade off. No lie, I have pictures of chips and pizza and Appletinis taped all over my treadmill to remind me of why I'm on it. You go, girl! *Jazz Hands*xo

  3. Food and booze pictures on the treadmill are a great idea! I like to watch tv with skinny people (while I follow the dvd on my laptop) as motivation. Or The Biggest Loser. That motivates the shit outta me, too.

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