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The lovely Jen at Filling Up My Cup nominated me for a Liebster Award! This is an award for blogs with 200 or less followers. It’s a way to say “keep up the great work” to each other. When you are nominated you post 10 random facts about yourself and answer 10 questions from the person who nominated you. Then pass the award onto 10 other bloggers you think deserve it.

    My 10 Random Facts

    1. My brother is 20 months younger than I, and one of my favorite people. I hope my kids get along as well as my brother and I always have.

    2. I think the word “fart” is gross, but have no problem with the C word.

    3. I think my kids are cuter, smarter, and more funny than anyone else’s kids. I know everyone thinks that about their kids, but look at me all saying it and stuff.

    4. I wrote poetry in high school. It was terrible and I adored it.

    5. I will never not cry while watching Charlotte’s Web or reading The Giving Tree.

    6. I look very much like my mother, and I like that.

    7. I consider it quite a compliment if you invite me to your house and it’s messy. To me, that’s true friendship. But please, please, please give me at least a five minute warning before dropping by my pigsty unannounced.

    8. My dad died of a heart attack four years ago. It was awful and horrifying and it changed me. My family was strong and steady. I was safe. And then I wasn’t. Losing a parent is truly shitty.

    9. I love a hot bath, but don’t really like hot tubs.

    10. I had severe morning sickness with both of my pregnancies and I get really awful hangovers. My family (and probably my neighbors) could tell you that I’m a REALLY loud puker. I sound like a dying bear. 

    Jen’s Questions

    1.If you were forced to cheat on your significant other with a celebrity, who would you choose?
    Let me bust out my Laminated List and try to narrow it down to one lucky winner…nope. Can’t do it. I have to list them all. Jon Stewart, Ben Affleck, Kyle Chandler, Neil Patrick Harris (I know, I know,) and everyone’s favorite, Ryan Gosling.

    2.  If you knew your next meal was going to be your last, what would you order?
    I would eat like I always want to. Prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes, a bacon cheeseburger with fries, and pad thai. Thinking about this makes me hungry and full at the same time.

    3.  What is your current favorite song?
    The Stable Song by Gregory Alan Isakov. It pierces my soul.

    4.  What was your favorite song in high school?
    I can’t name one favorite. There are many songs from the early to mid-nineties that I love for the memories they represent. I did listen to The Counting Crows quite a bit.

    5.  Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?
    Mayonnaise all the way. Miracle Whip is a joke.

    6.   How often do you change your sheets?
    I want you to like me, so I don’t feel I can be honest in answering this question. Let’s just say, not frequently.

    7.  What’s your favorite brand of shampoo?
    Right now I’m using Clear, and I like it quite a bit. 

    8.   Is the first person you kissed still in your life?
    Be right back, I gotta see if we’re Facebook friends. No.

    9.  What’s the biggest misperception people have about you?
    I’m pretty shy. No one believes that this is true.

    10.  Describe your biggest “foot in your mouth” moment.
    There are sooo many. I truly say so much stupid shit. The most recent was a few days ago, when I joked with someone about being pregnant who had just experienced her second ectopic pregnancy. She was very kind and understanding. I felt like a tool.

    Here is where I’m supposed to pass this award on to ten worthy bloggers. You guys, I’m so new at this I don’t know ten bloggers with less than 200 followers! Thank you, Jen, for recognizing me. As a brand new blogger, I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Liebster Blog award fun. Check out her funny and inspiring blog!

    6 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

    1. So I found your blog because you are one of my new followers, and you had me at "Top 10 Things I Learned from People Magazine"!! I was also excited because I was searching for a few more blogs to nominate for the Liebster Award Jen also nominated ME for….and then I saw this post. hahaha. But know that I'd have totally nominated you if I'd have found you first!!Happy to be following the adventures….!!:) m.

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