Just Add Water: My Week Condensed 10/22/12

If my mom is too busy to read my blog, some of you guys may be, too. Here’s a shortened version for y’all. And for my mother.

We had a little conversation about marriage in the car that went like this:
Lily: I’m not marrying anyone.
Graham: I am.
Me: Graham, who are you going to marry?
Graham: I haven’t met her yet. Mom? What if I meet a girl and she says she’s nice, and she acts nice so I marry her. But then, she’s not nice. Then what?
Me: Laughs.
Graham: Then I’ll wish I didn’t marry her.
The Doctor: (Shoots me a look) That could happen, son.
Me: Laughs some more.
After we were done cracking up, I told Graham that before he decides to marry someone, he needs to see her when she isn’t nice all the time, and then decide. Because no one is nice all the time. Right, honey?

I got four hand-me-down issues of People magazine from my neighbor, which prompted the post 10 Things I’ve Learned From People Magazine. It also reminded me that I need new mascara.

Graham has been extra tantrum-y since starting kindergarten, so I went my usual route of problem solving by reading my way to a solution. We got a book from the library called Feeling Angry, and some sweatpants clad children discussed anger management. The cartoon Ni Hao Kai Lan reminded the kids through song, “When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four!” This week has been more peaceful, with Graham managing his anger better, going to his room when he needs to cool off, and even softly singing the song to himself after Lily messed up one of his Lego creations.

I celebrated my one month blogiversary, and shared a few things I’ve learned in the past month. I’m kicking myself for letting a cake-appropriate occasion pass by.

My dad used to say “The biggest, ugliest ape is in charge.” The Doctor has adopted this parenting mantra, and Graham has taken it upon himself to be the enforcer. He reminds his little sister at least once a day, “Lily, you aren’t in charge. Dad is. The biggest, ugliest ape is in charge, and that’s Dad.” Lily probably put it best when she said, “Mom and Dad are the boss of each other.” I hope to never be the biggest or the ugliest, so Lily’s take on it suits me just fine.

I got nominated for a Liebster Blog Award  by Jen at Filling Up My Cup, and I shared a few things about myself, including my thoughts on the C word, and the gluttony that would ensue at my last meal.

I shared a Corn Chowder recipe that my mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law, and I made for Crock-Pot Thursday. We choose a recipe every week, and I’ll be sharing them with you. I love my slow cooker, and what’s a mom blog without some recipes?

I had a run-in with a cranky mom (grandma?) at the park. After I laughed, I got mad, I wrote about it, and laughed some more. Read An Open Letter To That Woman At The Park. Your feedback has reminded me that we all have stories of these situations, and it’s our reaction to the criticisms that is important.

Have a great week!

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