Last week I celebrated my one month blogiversary. Rather, I would have if I’d been paying attention to the date. When I realized I’ve been doing this a whole month, I began to reflect. Just a little though. I mean, I’m only talking about one month. In this time I’ve learned a few things about blogging, about social media, and about myself while sharing my life with those who care to listen.

  • Coming up with something to write every day is terrifying. I seriously don’t know how people can continue to find inspiration in daily life for YEARS. I pray that it happens for me, and at the same time I worry I won’t have anything to write about next week.
  • People either find poop totally hilarious or totally inappropriate. There are still people in my everyday life who are having a hard time making eye contact with me.
  • It no longer takes me half a day and 94 Google searches to add a new element to my blog. I feel empowered but still idiotic in equal measures.
  • Not one person besides me finds David Spade attractive.
  • My husband does know where the recycling goes, and resents my telling everyone otherwise.
  • Twitter is FUN. 
  • Putting words to paper (or fingers to keyboard) feels amazing, but having those words validated and acknowledged is truly magical.

This past month has been incredible. Being a mom can feel stifling. I love my job, and I love my kids, but at times I feel like they take so much of me, the person that is left is dull. Wrung out. This blog is more than just my musings. It is a creative outlet that is bringing me back to life. Thank you for being a part of my reawakening. 

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