Watch Out For Spiders!

One of my favorite things about being a family is the inside jokes. How we all pronounce the same words incorrectly as a nod to the way the kids used to speak, or what we call made up games that have become favorites. The fact that it sounds ridiculous to outsiders makes it even more special.

We say bom bom for bottom, egg boats for deviled eggs, and carcoon for cartoon. There is always a fight over doo-da-doos (empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. You know, DO da DOOOO!)

The kids’ favorite games to play with Daddy are Tree (The Doctor is a tree, with his arms as branches, and the kids climb him) and Boat (he sits on the couch, which is the boat, while the kids sail, swim, and avoid sharks.) These games are simple, but they were created by the three of them, and maybe Graham and Lily will play Tree and Boat with my grandchildren some day.

Recently The Doctor and I were at Graham’s kindergarten open house, and we were given an opportunity to draw him a picture and write him a message. The Doctor drew a spider in a web, and I was tasked with the caption. The best I could come up with was “Daddy says, ‘Watch out for spiders!'” The Doctor was unimpressed. He thought the teacher may think it was mean, and more importantly, it wasn’t clever or funny. “Besides” he pointed out, “I didn’t say that.”

The next morning, I told Graham that he was going to see something at his table that was supposed to be funny, on the unlikely chance he may, in fact, start worrying about spiders in the classroom. When he got home, he asked me what the funny thing was. I told him it was the spider comment, and he agreed with his dad. “That wasn’t funny. It was kind of boring.”

Now, every morning when we drop Graham off at school, his little sister says, “Watch out for spiders!” and we all chuckle. I say, “See! It’s funny.” The Doctor corrects me. “NOW it’s funny.”

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