Here I Go!

People (three of them to be exact) tell me I should blog. Of course I’m flattered that there are individuals who think anyone would want to read my thoughts and opinions. These are Facebook friends, people who already care about me (in varying degrees,) reading my content in a social media forum full of boring posts and posed, sanitized photos.  I have two fears…okay, three. First, I am afraid I will have nothing interesting to say. Second, that my utter laziness will make this venture a nonstarter. And third, that my inconsistent use of proper grammar, coupled with my incompetence regarding the computer will cripple any viable message I may have. Oh, there’s one more thing. I am sure I’ll embarrass my mother with my colorful language and overall crassness.

That being said, what the hell? We are surrounded by so much useful and useless noise, I’m going to throw mine out there and see where it falls. I have to say, I’m already excited to read this back in a few months and marvel at how green I sound!

2 thoughts on “Here I Go!

  1. I stumbled across your blog through 'Blogging While Mom'. I was just "accepted" into the tribe so I'm very excited (probably a little too much so)! It looks like I started blogging about 2 weeks after you and I have to say I'm totally jealous! Your blog is awesome.

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