Crock Pot Thursday: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Crock Pot Spaghetti and Meatballs that your family will love!

We’re big meatball fans around here. We frequently bring sweet and sour meatballs to potlucks, we like to hit up the Swedish meatballs at our local IKEA, and I actually like whipping up my own homemade meatballs to serve with spaghetti or on a meatball sub. Mmm, meatball subs. I love meatball subs so much, when my husband was in NYC a few years ago for a conference, the gifts he brought home were toys and t-shirts for the kids and a meatball sub from Carmine’s for me. He somehow managed to not eat it on the 90 minute train … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Chex Mix

Traditional Chex Mix in the Crock Pot!

With Thanksgiving behind us, you may be tempted to put your chubby pants away, but not so fast! We’ve got an entire month of holiday eating on our plates (see what I did there?), and nothing says “If calories are points I’m scoring big this month” like classic Chex mix. I love Chex mix. It reminds me of my childhood in a wonderfully nostalgic way, and it embodies all of the characteristics of my favorite snacks: crunchy, garlicky, salty, and buttery. This Crock Pot Chex mix tastes just like the original, and while I’m not sure it’s easier than that classic … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Turkey Stock

This Crock Pot Turkey or Chicken Stock will make your house smell incredible!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am writing this from my couch, with a full belly and an even fuller heart. The kids are singing show tunes from Annie, with Thanksgiving twists like “It’s a hard knock life, for turkey,” and “The sun’ll come out tomorrow (but not for the turkey),” and my husband is finishing up the dishes, humming the same songs, but probably not realizing he’s doing it. For the past five Thanksgivings, we’ve celebrated quietly, just the four of us. We set a nice table, but oftentimes never change out of our pajamas for the day, and we play games, … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Steak and Gravy

This Crock Pot Steak and Gravy only has three ingredients!

This Crock Pot Steak and Gravy recipe is for anyone who needs to be able to throw dinner together in the morning, and who only has about ten minutes to devote to that task. Don’t you just love knowing you can go about your day and not have to worry about what kind of meal you’re going to scrounge up at five o’clock? I really, really do. I also love coming home from work to a house that smells amazing. I seriously never get tired of walking through the door to a waft of yummy smells that Morning Me lovingly … Continue reading

The Time I Almost Died on My Way to Target

The Time I Almost Died on My Way to Target

The rain that was still falling had turned the roads dark and shiny, and the rush hour traffic was hitting the brake lights pretty hard. But that’s not how I almost died. The wind was howling, and busily freeing leaves from their branches and the branches from their trunks. The force of the weather was whipping the thick grey clouds into swirls that my kids mistook for tornadoes. “Hurry up and get in the car,” I barked. “Before a tree falls on us and turns us into people pancakes.” My brand of parenting that relies heavily on threats and bribes … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Easy Beef Pot Roast

Crock Pot Easy Beef Pot Roast

For how “meat and potatoes” our family is, we have very few pot roasts under our Crock Pot Thursday belt. Pot roast isn’t the sexiest of dishes, but really, it’s almost perfect. It is fairly inexpensive, is easy to prepare, and has meat, vegetables, and my favorite food group: gravy. Roasts are great for fall and winter. I love how a tough cut of meat can be transformed into fork-tender deliciousness with the magic of the slow cooker. The long cook time is ideal for those folks away from the house all day, and this one can even be cooked … Continue reading

Recipes By Kids

Hilarious recipes written by children.

Back in the spring, one of the preschool mothers compiled a cookbook of my daughter and her classmates’ favorite recipes. It was an adorable mix of real recipes and the kids’ versions of recipes, and it made the perfect parting gift for both the graduating kids and their kind, generous teachers. My girl shared her mac and cheese recipe, which I just recently realized she thought was “mackin’ cheese.” We’re having my daughter’s favorite dinner tonight: mackin’. As in, “Mom? I love mackin’, but it’s even better with the cheese.” — Amy Flory (@FunnyIsFamily) July 13, 2014 Here’s her recipe: … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup

Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup

It’s a beautiful time of year. The weather is crisp, I’m able to wear scarves without sweating, and all I can think about is soup. Slow cookers and soups are a match made in heaven, and I would choose a soup, stew, or chowder every Thursday for the entire season if the meat-and-potatoes menfolk in our families wouldn’t revolt. According to them, soup is fine as a side dish, but as the main event? Woman, please. I couldn’t help myself this week, though, so soup it is! Fall is also a perfect time for stuffed bell peppers, and the lure of … Continue reading

Hurricanes and Snowstorms on Halloween? Oh, My!

#PoweringSafety for Halloween with @FunnyIsFamily and @Energizer!

Halloween falls at a time of year that is known for wild, unpredictable weather for many parts of the country, and we need to be prepared for anything. Last year was pretty mild here in New England, but in 2012 we braved post-superstorm debris on October 31st, and in 2011 a nor’easter snowstorm tried to thwart our holiday begging. In addition to those extreme situations, our family’s Halloween has also been impacted by knee scrapes on two separate occasions due to over-exuberant children running in costumes, and probably the most dire situation of all, running out of candy to hand out to … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Easy Crock Pot Applesauce

Crock Pot Applesauce that is easy, sugar-free, and delicious!

Ah, fall. The season for sunglasses and scarves, soccer and homework, and apple picking and slow cookers. I have a hard time picking a favorite season, but like having to choose a favorite child, the one that is the most charming at the moment usually wins out. Fall has given me my beloved boots back, and while I romanticize the changing leaves and the crisp morning air, I am full-on in love with autumn. For two years, the entire lifetime of Crock Pot Thursday, I’ve wanted to try Crock Pot applesauce. It took my sister-in-law Sarah to finally pull the … Continue reading