Crock Pot Thursday: Red Thai Chicken Curry

Crock Pot Red Thai Chicken Curry from @FunnyIsFamily.

If you have kids, do they like curry? Mine don’t. It’s” too spicy,” or it” tastes weird,” and I’m always kicking myself for dialing down the spice factor for their sake when they aren’t going to eat it anyway. When will I learn? This Crock Pot Red Thai Chicken Curry is one of those dishes. My husband loves, loves, loves curry, and slow cooked curry dishes always turn out well. I love that the basic formula is the same: coconut milk, curry paste, various spices, and meat or vegetables; and that often I can adapt a recipe to whatever I … Continue reading

I Know My Kids

I know my kids. I’m not telling you this because one of them has done something naughty, like taken someone’s lunch money or pantsed a kid on the bus, and I’m aghast that anyone would accuse my perfect angel of anything so bad. Isn’t that what parents of bratty kids always say? “It’s not possible that my son stole your car and bragged about it on Facebook. He wouldn’t do that. I know my boy. And besides, he can use my minivan whenever he wants. He doesn’t need your stupid Porsche.” My kids aren’t delinquents (yet), but I do know them. … Continue reading

Exercise: What Not to Do

One mom's hilarious attempt at exercising. From @FunnyIsFamily.

I started exercising again today. I’m bragging right now, because exercise, and also because I planned on recommitting to working out after the kids went back to school, and they don’t go back until Wednesday. I’m two days ahead of schedule! Easing back into a workout routine can be tough. I usually hit it hard the first day, which means I can barely move on day two, am still sore on day three, and by day four, when I’ve regained control of my limbs, I’ve lost interest. To avoid that trap, I told myself to take it easy today. Here’s how … Continue reading

No White Flags


Are you weary of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS? I was. No one close to me has suffered from ALS, and how many times can I watch my Facebook friends dump water on their heads before I long for the days of bra color statuses posing as breast cancer activism? If I had ALS, would I care if a stranger soaked themselves with ice water in the name of my disease? Would that fund research? Would that ease my pain? Besides, no one had nominated me, and I was starting to get a complex. Unpopular much? To make myself feel … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Very Best Crock Pot Recipes

Best of Crock Pot Thursday Recipes

It has been two years since my family began selecting, making, and reviewing a weekly Crock Pot recipe, and in that time we have collected over 100 slow-cooked meals. Everyone has a favorite (or four) and today I’m sharing those all-star recipes with you. The timing couldn’t be better. School is starting, which means busy evenings for many families. I’ve already got the nervous sweats about having two kids in school, two kids with homework, and two kids with after school activities. Where am I going to find the time to make, prepare, and serve dinner? Someone hold me. Here’s … Continue reading

Helping a Heart

This beautiful family is in a medical crisis, and they need your help!

I have a friend. No really, I do! Tara and I became close in middle school, and our friendship remained strong through high school. We drifted apart in college, heading for different schools and living in different states, and we reconnected through the magic of Facebook years later. I still have some of the notes we passed in middle and high school, a fact that delights me. My kids’ baby books may be woefully sparse, but I still have shoeboxes full of the senseless ramblings of young girls. I can’t share those notes with you today, because even I couldn’t … Continue reading

20 Things Overheard While Vacationing with Family

20 Things You Hear When Vacationing with Family

Last week, we descended upon a cabin in the woods with my husband’s family. Our group of 30 took over the main cabin and guest house, and we spent six days swimming, snacking, laughing, and parenting each other’s children. We were celebrating my father-in-law’s 70th birthday, and boy did we celebrate. The week was equal parts relaxing and exhausting, and I left with a tired body and a full heart, the result of a bounty of quality time with loved ones. I can’t wait to do it again. Several phrases were heard over and over during our vacation, and I … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Creamy Salsa Chicken

This Crock Pot Creamy Salsa Chicken is incredibly easy to throw together, and tastes great!

I have something to tell you guys, and maybe you already know. School is starting soon, and the lazy days of summer are coming to an end. In the fall, evenings are going to be hectic, and you need to do yourself a favor and find a few favorite go-to Crock Pot recipes. This is one of those recipes, and I can’t believe I haven’t shared it yet! Or maybe I have, and I don’t remember. Our Crock Pot Thursday crew likes chicken recipes, and we’ve got sooo many of them. You like chicken, too, right? How about easy meals? Just … Continue reading

MomAssembly is Saving Our Summer

Tips to a calmer, easier, and happier way of parenting.

I love my kids. I like spending time with them, and they make me laugh every day. Those two also make me crazy, what with the way they ignore my direction, and how they bicker over the most ridiculous things. Between the rumbles over who is “breathing the best,” and they way I have to tell them four times and finally shout before they put on their shoes, our summer together had gotten a little heavy on the yelling. And no one was liking it. Then I learned about MomAssembly, an online video education site for moms that was co-founded by … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Sweet and Sour Pork Wraps

These Crock Pot Sweet and Sour Pork Wraps are incredible! From @FunnyIsFamily. #slowcooker #crockpotthursday

I have a confession. If you wrap anything in a tortilla, I’ll eat it with a smile. Many of our Crock Pot Thursday choices are a reflection of that love, like Pork Carnitas, Flank Steak Fajitas, Chicken Fajitas, and these Crock Pot Sweet and Sour Pork Wraps. Sure, my affection for rolled up dinners may have impacted my feelings about these wraps, but they deserve the accolades. The ingredients are simple, but the flavor comes together perfectly. I loved the way the crisp cabbage blended with the sweet and sour pork, and the cilantro brings it all home. When I … Continue reading