I STILL Just Want to Pee Alone

Amy Flory in I Still Just Want to Pee Alone, the follow-up to the New York Times Best Selling anthology, I Just Want to Pee Alone

I have some news to share, and it’s not about the newest book in the Pee Alone series. Back in the fall I got a new job, which was perfect because my youngest entered the big, bad world of kindergarten at the end of August, and I had time to spare and a bank account […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Perfect Beef Stew

This classic crockpot beef stew tastes like the slow cooker stew recipe my grandma used to make! I served it with homemade biscuits and it a great weeknight meal!

Sure, it’s almost spring, but here in Connecticut, it’s still below freezing. My poor daffodils need tiny little coats to keep them from dying of frostbite, but every time I give them cold weather gear, my daughter gets mad and takes her Barbie clothes back. The only good thing about this neverending winter is the […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Seven Layer Dip

This Crockpot Seven Layer Dip is a perfect appetizer for the slow cooker! Crockpot dip recipes are great for bbqs, potlucks, and parties!

  I love seven layer dip. I mean, come on. What’s not to love? Beans? Good. Meat? Good. Sour cream and salsa? Gooood. Cheese? You see where this is going. I had never even considered making it in the slow cooker, but I got a casserole-sized Crock Pot for Christmas, and now I’m obsessed with […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Cola Ham

This Crock Pot Cola Ham is so quick and easy, and the flavor is incredible!

We’re big sandwich eaters around here. Almost every day, at least two of the members of our family pack a sandwich for lunch, and it’s not uncommon for my seven-year-old to whip up a sandwich for his after school snack. That kid eats almost as much as his father, and he consumes substantially more calories […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Cheesy Tortellini

My family went crazy for this Crock Pot Cheesy Tortellini!

My 20th class reunion is this summer, so of course the first week I begin to truly focus on fitness and weight loss, I make this decadent dish. Did I exceed my calorie goal the day I made this? YOU KNOW I DID. It was worth it, though. The sausage and spices simmering in the […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Hearty Beef Ragu

Hearty Beef Ragu1

We do a good job of choosing family-friendly recipes here at Crock Pot Thursday, but sometimes we make something that knocks it out of the park. This Crock Pot Beef Ragu is one of those dishes. It is easy to assemble, looks beautiful, and tastes incredible. What more could one want? I didn’t actually make […]

Tips for Taking Kids to Church

Tips for taking kids to church

“I’ll go to church when the kids are older.” “I’m too busy keeping them quiet to get anything out of it anyway.” “People give us looks when we bring the kids.” These are all things I’ve heard friends say, and are thoughts I’ve had myself. I like taking my kids to church, but this hasn’t […]

The Long Winter

The Long Winter

We are halfway through February, and my kids have had it up to here with the weather. “Is winter almost over?” they ask hopefully. Every morning they come downstairs, rubbing their eyes and asking in scratchy, sleepy voices, “Is there school today?” and “Do we have a delay?” I try really hard to not complain […]

Valentine’s Day Cards for Real Couples

Hilarious Valentine's Day cards for real couples!

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re like me, you spent some time this week searching for the perfect card for those you love. You opened and closed countless cards that declared sentimental love in frilly writing on a floral background. If the cards don’t have fancy sentiments, they have sexual innuendos. I was looking for cards […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Zuppa Toscana

Zuppa Toscana1

Valentine’s Day is this week, and everywhere you turn there is declarations of love. Not even on a blog post about soup are you free from Cupid’s influence, because I am here to tell you right now that I love this soup. If I could send a Valentine to this Crock Pot Zuppa Toscana, I […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Chicken Doritos Casserole

Chicken Doritos Casserole1

I love Doritos. One time in college, I was chowing down on a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and my neighbor offered to buy the crumbs from the bottom of the bag off of me. As I licked the Doritos dust off the tips of my fingers, I thought about her offer. Ultimately, I declined […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Sausage and Peppers

These Crock Pot Sausage and Peppers are delicious and super easy to make! | FunnyIsFamily.com |

Oh, boy, you guys! These Crock Pot Sausage and Peppers are so simple, and so good! I’m a huge fan of sandwiches the size of my head, and also love me an easy recipe, and this dish was a winner on both of those fronts. Some people like long walks on the beach; I like […]

Easy Homemade Stain Remover

This simple homemade stain remover really works! | FunnyIsFamily.com |

Yesterday, both of my kids came downstairs dressed in white – a white tee for Graham, and all white for Lily. They looked like they were ready for a day on Nantucket, but all I could see were the future stains down their fronts. As I gave them morning hugs, I thought, “Dang, my kids […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder3

Sometimes we choose a recipe for Crock Pot Thursday that is an all out winner. Everyone loves it, and even with a few modifications based on the whims of the individual cooks, the dish turns out fantastic. This Crock Pot clam chowder is one of those recipes. It’s crazy to me that in the more […]

Making the Case for New Year’s Resolutions

Making the case for New Year's resolutions.

I think New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap. Sure most people don’t follow through with their plans, and sure I’m one of those people, but there is something wonderful about using the resetting of the calendar to attempt to reset our lives. About us collectively deciding as a society that January 1st is when […]

Making Friends and Strangers Jealous in One Easy Step

Zoolander says, "Buy The Big Book of Parenting Tweets!"

Do you like making people jealous? Of course you do! What if I told you that for just a few dollars you could make both friends and strangers green with envy? You’re interested, right? Imagine this: You’re at your neighborhood holiday party, and it’s time for the White Elephant gift exchange (or Yankee Swap, or […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Crock Pot Spaghetti and Meatballs that your family will love!

We’re big meatball fans around here. We frequently bring sweet and sour meatballs to potlucks, we like to hit up the Swedish meatballs at our local IKEA, and I actually like whipping up my own homemade meatballs to serve with spaghetti or on a meatball sub. Mmm, meatball subs. I love meatball subs so much, […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Chex Mix

Traditional Chex Mix in the Crock Pot!

With Thanksgiving behind us, you may be tempted to put your chubby pants away, but not so fast! We’ve got an entire month of holiday eating on our plates (see what I did there?), and nothing says “If calories are points I’m scoring big this month” like classic Chex mix. I love Chex mix. It […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Turkey Stock

This Crock Pot Turkey or Chicken Stock will make your house smell incredible!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am writing this from my couch, with a full belly and an even fuller heart. The kids are singing show tunes from Annie, with Thanksgiving twists like “It’s a hard knock life, for turkey,” and “The sun’ll come out tomorrow (but not for the turkey),” and my husband is finishing up the […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Steak and Gravy

This Crock Pot Steak and Gravy only has three ingredients!

This Crock Pot Steak and Gravy recipe is for anyone who needs to be able to throw dinner together in the morning, and who only has about ten minutes to devote to that task. Don’t you just love knowing you can go about your day and not have to worry about what kind of meal […]

The Time I Almost Died on My Way to Target

The Time I Almost Died on My Way to Target

The rain that was still falling had turned the roads dark and shiny, and the rush hour traffic was hitting the brake lights pretty hard. But that’s not how I almost died. The wind was howling, and busily freeing leaves from their branches and the branches from their trunks. The force of the weather was […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Easy Beef Pot Roast

Crock Pot Easy Beef Pot Roast

For how “meat and potatoes” our family is, we have very few pot roasts under our Crock Pot Thursday belt. Pot roast isn’t the sexiest of dishes, but really, it’s almost perfect. It is fairly inexpensive, is easy to prepare, and has meat, vegetables, and my favorite food group: gravy. Roasts are great for fall […]

Recipes By Kids

Hilarious recipes written by children.

Back in the spring, one of the preschool mothers compiled a cookbook of my daughter and her classmates’ favorite recipes. It was an adorable mix of real recipes and the kids’ versions of recipes, and it made the perfect parting gift for both the graduating kids and their kind, generous teachers. My girl shared her […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup

Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup

It’s a beautiful time of year. The weather is crisp, I’m able to wear scarves without sweating, and all I can think about is soup. Slow cookers and soups are a match made in heaven, and I would choose a soup, stew, or chowder every Thursday for the entire season if the meat-and-potatoes menfolk in our […]

Hurricanes and Snowstorms on Halloween? Oh, My!

#PoweringSafety for Halloween with @FunnyIsFamily and @Energizer!

Halloween falls at a time of year that is known for wild, unpredictable weather for many parts of the country, and we need to be prepared for anything. Last year was pretty mild here in New England, but in 2012 we braved post-superstorm debris on October 31st, and in 2011 a nor’easter snowstorm tried to […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Easy Crock Pot Applesauce

Crock Pot Applesauce that is easy, sugar-free, and delicious!

Ah, fall. The season for sunglasses and scarves, soccer and homework, and apple picking and slow cookers. I have a hard time picking a favorite season, but like having to choose a favorite child, the one that is the most charming at the moment usually wins out. Fall has given me my beloved boots back, […]

Be Your Own Tree

Be Your Own Tree by Funny Is Family

One of my favorite things about living in Connecticut is watching the leaves change color in the fall. The phenomenon is gorgeous, and an entire industry is built here in New England upon “leaf peepers,” or people travel for the express purpose of viewing the fall foliage. My favorite trees are the ones whose leaves […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Beef and Beer Stew with Bacon

This Crockpot Beef and Beer Stew with Bacon recipe tastes great served over potatoes!

I’ve said it before, and it should come as no surprise, that I love preparing recipes that call for booze. The best ones ask for one cup of wine, or ½ bottle of beer, practically insisting that I pour myself a drink while I cook. This Crock Pot Beef and Beer Stew with Bacon is […]

The Time I Lost My Fitbit

The Time I Lost My Fitbit

If you’ve noticed that I’ve gained some weight recently, thank you for keeping it to yourself, and no, I’m not pregnant. I’d just taken a break from worrying about the numbers on the scale, and until a few days ago, I hadn’t hopped on that scale in months. Here’s how it all started. Early last […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Orange Chicken

Love orange chicken, but don't want to get takeout? Try this Crockpot Orange Chicken recipe!

  My kids love orange chicken, and I love it when they order orange chicken, because then I can sneak a bite or four. The crispy breaded chicken bites, smothered in tangy and sweet orange sauce is one of the best things Americanized Chinese food has to offer. This is not that recipe. One day, […]

Does Back to School for Kids Mean Back to School for Mom?

American Public University

I have always loved to read and write. As a child, I devoured as many books as I could get my hands on, and I wrote my first opinion piece at age four, penning “I hat Brian” on my parents’ nightstand in permanent marker. I was pretty proud of that work, until I received my […]

Marital Squabbles and a myCharge Giveaway

Enter to win one of 3 iPad minis or 40 portable chargers from myCharge!

All couples have those few consistent battlegrounds. In some households, it’s socks on the living room floor, and for others it’s whether or not putting dirty dishes in the sink means the dishes are “done.” Some husbands think the bed doesn’t need to be made, because “it’s going to get messed up in a few […]

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies2

I’ve been holding out on you guys, and I really need to apologize. Every week I share a recipe with you, and all the while I’ve been keeping this perfect chocolate chip recipe close to the vest. My friend Laura served these delicious little suckers when we were at her house a couple years ago, […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Slow Cooked Baked Potatoes without Foil

These Crock Pot Baked Potatoes don't need to be wrapped in foil, and they turn out perfectly in the slow cooker!

The weather may still be hovering near the 80s, but the air is beginning to feel crisp around the edges. Fall is coming, which means boots, and soups, and after school sports. I’ve been working more when the kids are in school, and the lazy days of summer are gone. We have homework this year. […]

Date Night

Date night! Is it that time of year again?

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. It was on a Saturday, and friends had agreed to watch our kids for the evening, so yeah, I was pretty excited. I WAS GOING ON A DATE! After 15 years together, our anniversaries have evolved, or devolved, as it were. Back in the nineties, […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Grape Jelly Meatballs

These Crock Pot Grape Jelly Meatballs are easy, delicious, and the perfect party appetizer!

Today I’m taking on a topic near and dear to my heart. It’s meatballs, people. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love meatballs. I love them on pizza, in spaghetti, with mashed potatoes at Ikea, and straight out of the slow cooker. My first meatball love was my grandmother’s sweet and sour meatballs, […]

How Was Your Day?

Talking to kids about school, beyond "How was your day?"

Last week my kids went back to school. My son entered second grade, ready to learn “multiplication, division, and pretty much lots of math stuff.” He was hopeful that there would be ample time to read, and he was crossing his fingers that the rumors of hardly any free time were untrue. He got to […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Red Thai Chicken Curry

Crock Pot Red Thai Chicken Curry from @FunnyIsFamily.

If you have kids, do they like curry? Mine don’t. It’s” too spicy,” or it” tastes weird,” and I’m always kicking myself for dialing down the spice factor for their sake when they aren’t going to eat it anyway. When will I learn? This Crock Pot Red Thai Chicken Curry is one of those dishes. […]

I Know My Kids

I know my kids. I’m not telling you this because one of them has done something naughty, like taken someone’s lunch money or pantsed a kid on the bus, and I’m aghast that anyone would accuse my perfect angel of anything so bad. Isn’t that what parents of bratty kids always say? “It’s not possible that […]

Exercise: What Not to Do

One mom's hilarious attempt at exercising. From @FunnyIsFamily.

I started exercising again today. I’m bragging right now, because exercise, and also because I planned on recommitting to working out after the kids went back to school, and they don’t go back until Wednesday. I’m two days ahead of schedule! Easing back into a workout routine can be tough. I usually hit it hard the […]

No White Flags


Are you weary of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS? I was. No one close to me has suffered from ALS, and how many times can I watch my Facebook friends dump water on their heads before I long for the days of bra color statuses posing as breast cancer activism? If I had ALS, would […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Very Best Crock Pot Recipes

Best of Crock Pot Thursday Recipes

It has been two years since my family began selecting, making, and reviewing a weekly Crock Pot recipe, and in that time we have collected over 100 slow-cooked meals. Everyone has a favorite (or four) and today I’m sharing those all-star recipes with you. The timing couldn’t be better. School is starting, which means busy […]

Helping a Heart

Helping a Heart8

I have a friend. No really, I do! Tara and I became close in middle school, and our friendship remained strong through high school. We drifted apart in college, heading for different schools and living in different states, and we reconnected through the magic of Facebook years later. I still have some of the notes […]

20 Things Overheard While Vacationing with Family

20 Things You Hear When Vacationing with Family

Last week, we descended upon a cabin in the woods with my husband’s family. Our group of 30 took over the main cabin and guest house, and we spent six days swimming, snacking, laughing, and parenting each other’s children. We were celebrating my father-in-law’s 70th birthday, and boy did we celebrate. The week was equal […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Creamy Salsa Chicken

This Crock Pot Creamy Salsa Chicken is incredibly easy to throw together, and tastes great!

I have something to tell you guys, and maybe you already know. School is starting soon, and the lazy days of summer are coming to an end. In the fall, evenings are going to be hectic, and you need to do yourself a favor and find a few favorite go-to Crock Pot recipes. This is […]

MomAssembly is Saving Our Summer

Tips to a calmer, easier, and happier way of parenting.

I love my kids. I like spending time with them, and they make me laugh every day. Those two also make me crazy, what with the way they ignore my direction, and how they bicker over the most ridiculous things. Between the rumbles over who is “breathing the best,” and they way I have to […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Sweet and Sour Pork Wraps

These Crock Pot Sweet and Sour Pork Wraps are incredible! From @FunnyIsFamily. #slowcooker #crockpotthursday

I have a confession. If you wrap anything in a tortilla, I’ll eat it with a smile. Many of our Crock Pot Thursday choices are a reflection of that love, like Pork Carnitas, Flank Steak Fajitas, Chicken Fajitas, and these Crock Pot Sweet and Sour Pork Wraps. Sure, my affection for rolled up dinners may […]

20 Things I Say When Traveling with Kids

This is exactly how it sounds to travel with kids! So funny!

Once, I took a trip alone. It was glorious. I only had to pack for myself, I was able to nap and read, and I didn’t once have to worry about anyone else’s potty schedule. Usually, though, I am traveling with a shorty entourage, and I’m a sweaty mix between a pack mule and shepherd. I haul […]

Crock Pot Thursday: Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

These Crock Pot Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas will be gobbled up! From @FunnyIsFamily's #crockpotthursday.

I like to share recipes that are pretty much “Dump stuff in the Crock Pot. Turn it on. Come back later and eat the deliciousness.” These Crock Pot Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas aren’t that simple. They involve layers, and multiple instructions, and paying attention. Still, though, they are much easier than my regular enchilada recipe, […]

Were you at da’ club? No, those are Sunscreen Bands!

Sunscreen bands are inexpensive and they work!

Raise your hand if you’re spending more time outside now that it’s summer! Raise your hand if you want to make sure your family’s skin is protected from the sun! Raise your hand if you forget to reapply sunscreen pretty much every day! You know what? This isn’t working. I can’t see your hands. I’m […]