MomAssembly is Saving Our Summer

Tips to a calmer, easier, and happier way of parenting.

I love my kids. I like spending time with them, and they make me laugh every day. Those two also make me crazy, what with the way they ignore my direction, and how they bicker over the most ridiculous things. Between the rumbles over who is “breathing the best,” and they way I have to tell them four times and finally shout before they put on their shoes, our summer together had gotten a little heavy on the yelling. And no one was liking it. Then I learned about MomAssembly, an online video education site for moms that was co-founded by … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Sweet and Sour Pork Wraps

These Crock Pot Sweet and Sour Pork Wraps are incredible! From @FunnyIsFamily. #slowcooker #crockpotthursday

I have a confession. If you wrap anything in a tortilla, I’ll eat it with a smile. Many of our Crock Pot Thursday choices are a reflection of that love, like Pork Carnitas, Flank Steak Fajitas, Chicken Fajitas, and these Crock Pot Sweet and Sour Pork Wraps. Sure, my affection for rolled up dinners may have impacted my feelings about these wraps, but they deserve the accolades. The ingredients are simple, but the flavor comes together perfectly. I loved the way the crisp cabbage blended with the sweet and sour pork, and the cilantro brings it all home. When I … Continue reading

20 Things I Say When Traveling with Kids

This is exactly how it sounds to travel with kids! So funny!

Once, I took a trip alone. It was glorious. I only had to pack for myself, I was able to nap and read, and I didn’t once have to worry about anyone else’s potty schedule. Usually, though, I am traveling with a shorty entourage, and I’m a sweaty mix between a pack mule and shepherd. I haul luggage, boarding passes, and pillow pets, and I am constantly redirecting my kids to ensure they aren’t wandering off or touching nasty garbage they find on the ground. My son and daughter are great travelers, but they are still kids. Here’s what I sound like … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

These Crock Pot Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas will be gobbled up! From @FunnyIsFamily's #crockpotthursday.

I like to share recipes that are pretty much “Dump stuff in the Crock Pot. Turn it on. Come back later and eat the deliciousness.” These Crock Pot Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas aren’t that simple. They involve layers, and multiple instructions, and paying attention. Still, though, they are much easier than my regular enchilada recipe, and they tasted great! My kids wouldn’t touch this meal, but don’t let that deter you. If they would have given it a chance, they would have liked it. Kids can be jerks like that, and it’s actually a good thing they didn’t eat it, … Continue reading

Were you at da’ club? No, those are Sunscreen Bands!

Sunscreen bands are inexpensive and they work!

Raise your hand if you’re spending more time outside now that it’s summer! Raise your hand if you want to make sure your family’s skin is protected from the sun! Raise your hand if you forget to reapply sunscreen pretty much every day! You know what? This isn’t working. I can’t see your hands. I’m going to assume that many of you are like me. You lather up yourself and your kids before going to the beach or the park, and you pack extra sunscreen for later. You have every intention of reapplying after a few hours, and rarely do … Continue reading

A Rookie Gardener Greens Her Thumb

A rookie gardener greens her thumb. By @FunnyIsFamily.

Not to brag, but I have (so far) been successful in growing two kids without major incident. I have protected them from the elements, fed and watered them, and resisted the temptation to eat them. They have not broken any limbs from being run over by dogs chasing after balls, they have not been nibbled on by beetles, and no one needs to pee around their perimeter to keep them safe from predators. My track record for keeping plants alive has not been so great. I drown my indoor plants by over-watering them, a nod to my loving too hard, … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Little Smokies

These Crock Pot Little Smokies will make you the most popular person at the party! From @FunnyIsFamily

My husband is a good cook. I’ve shared a few of his recipes on here, but every time I do, he gets annoyed. He hates the million questions I have, like “How long does it cook?” and “What are the ingredients?” I think those details are kind of important, but his answers are more along the lines of “Grilled meat is done by feel, not by time,” and “I use enough spice to coat it.” I understand that measurements don’t have to be completely precise, but throw me a bone, man. Are we talking five minutes, or a half hour? … Continue reading

Frozen Giveaway!

Enter to win $120 worth of Frozen toys!

Yesterday, my kids and I took a day trip to Boston with one of my oldest and dearest friends and her family. Near the end of our day, the four children in our group were sweaty and tired, and we adults were ready to pay up on our vague bribes for “a treat later.” You know, “Walk like a big girl and you can have a treat later,” or “Eat at least three bites of the $10 chicken fingers you ordered, or you won’t be getting a treat later,” or “No jumping over ancient headstones. Seriously, get off the grass, … Continue reading

Crock Pot Thursday: Bacon Cheeseburgers

Bacon Cheeseburgers in the Crock Pot? Yes, please! From @FunnyIsFamily

You guys should have seen my husband’s face when I told him our Crock Pot Thursday recipe was Crock Pot Bacon Cheeseburgers. He was like, “You can’t make cheeseburgers in the Crock Pot!” He’s kind of right. Technically, these aren’t your traditional bacon cheeseburger, they’re more like a Sloppy Joe, which I love, by the way. He became a believer when two little burgers of deliciousness landed on his plate, though. These bad boys aren’t fancy. They are quick, and easy, and can also be made on the stovetop. I threw ours together before heading to the library, and they … Continue reading

My Writing Process

The writing process of Amy Flory from @FunnyIsFamily

I have a blog crush. Okay, I have like fifteen of them, but one of them is Stephanie Jankowski from When Crazy Meets Exhaustion. If you read blogs at work, her page may be blocked, thanks to the “sex” in her url. See? Don’t get all excited that I’m sharing a new sex site with you, though. Steph is a mother and a teacher, a lover of words and a humorist. Her blog is full of good clean fun, and if she touches on naughtier stuff, it’s still pretty safe for work. Do I know how to introduce someone, … Continue reading